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Knitting technologies, zone tech, compression levels are all essential elements in our experienced approach to product development.

Knitting technologies

Our seamless body fitted garments are created using the weft circular knitting technology, while our medical mesh knitted textiles are produced using the warp knitting technology.

For garments with special requirements, such as stretch, support, fixation, after treatment as antibacterial, odour control etc. capabilities need, we combine different knitting technologies with other techniques such as cut-and-sew to create a high-quality product. 

Our R&D team has many years of experience with garments and textiles. They know what they’re talking about, and you can expect a high degree of expertise and professionalism. You can learn much more about how we approach product development and collaboration with our partners plus more in-depth knowledge about our knitting technology approach.  
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We pride ourselves in knowing the correct technologies to use. Our products are all first-class Danish design manufactured in Europe with all the right approvals in place. This is something that truly matters to our customers.

Cengiz Özedmir - Product Developer & Knitting Technology Expert

zone tech - targeted support

We use the zone tech knitting structure technology in our post-operative bras to give optimum support where it is needed the most. Support zones in post-op bras are important because targeted support on wound and scar tissue will aid the healing process, reduce the risk of infections, and reduce formation of scarring.  

By providing targeted support, our post-op bras create optimal conditions for pain relief and healing. Each post-op bra has its own combination of support zones and compression levels, making it possible for the wearer and the health care professionals to choose the best possible solution. 

Six compression levels and support

We use a system of color codes to indicate the compressive and support level, ranging from 1 to 6, where 1 is the highest level.  

A high compressive level is obtained by a more rigid knitting structure, making tight support zones firmer and better suited for protection of the operated area. A less tight support area offers freedom of movement where needed.

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We always welcome that you reach out if you have ideas about a medical garments & textiles product that could create better healthcare for individuals all over the world.

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Line Wulff  - CCO & President, Tytex.Inc


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