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Ostomy and hernias: medical garments and textiles

If you are in the business of selling ostomy care products, ostomy and hernia support garments are an essential part of your product range. Belts, tubes, and supporting underwear can make a world of difference to the patient, reducing discomfort, allowing for an active lifestyle, and minimizing social uneasiness when wearing an ostomy bag. We aim to increase quality of life for all Ostomates. 

We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing market-leading ostomy care products. We are always looking for distributors and partners for either distribution of our branded products or private label partners. What you get is a dedicated, experienced partner with the technology and the know-how – R&D as well as legislative - to help you create a success story in your market. 
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Under the brand name Corsinel we develop and produce tubes, belts, and support garments. As the need for support and compression varies from individual to individual, the Corsinel range is split into three levels of support: Light, Medium and Maximum. This gives you a full range of products covering the typical needs of the end user. 

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We’re very happy with our distribution partnership with Tytex. The Corsinel products are of premium quality and very popular with our customers. They do the job: They ensure quality of life and freedom in your everyday life as an ostomate.

Basel Durán - Ostocare

Considering your own private label ostomy product line? 

If you need a partner to design, develop, and manufacture your own range of medical garments for ostomy and hernia care, you can rely on us to deliver everything from first sketches to final product, packaged, documented, and delivered on time.  

We assist you all the way from first idea to scaled production – with full compliance, documentation, and marketing support.  

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Would you like to look into your opportunities within the therapeutic area of ostomy and hernias? We're excited to start an informal conversation about your ideas and needs. Contact us today and let’s find out if there’s a foundation for a collaboration. 

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Stephen Doades - Strategic Sales Director


Still considering reaching out to our team? Maybe the following collaboration benefits will convince you to kick off the conversation:

  1. R&D and production in the EU
  2. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified products
  3. Short lead times
  4. Tried-and-tested product development process
  5. Low return rates
  6. Sustainable yarn and packaging solutions available
  7. MDR and compliance knowledge
  8. 50+ years of experience in the industry 
  9. High service level

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