Continence care by Tytex

World-leading manufacturer of continence care products. Experts since 1972.

High-performance contiNence garments for global brands

We develop and produce high quality incontinence underwear for major global brands within the health sector. Tytex Continence Care garments are today sold via a network of private label partners. 

Our continence garments are: 

Designed and produced for you in the EU – since 1972
Produced from premium breathable and comfortable fabric
Developed by experts in fabrics, weaving, knitting, and manufacturing
Designed and produced with maximum user care in mind

We offer unparalleled flexibility in development, logistics, design, manufacturing, and packaging to meet the needs of our distributors, partners, and end-users. We are your dedicated partner all the way from concept to scale-up of production.  

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continence care by tytex product features


Our textiles with four-way stretch adapt to the body providing superb compression, support, and comfort.


Targeted compression and fixation will support where needed with advanced zone tech knitting technology.


Seamless knitting will ensure maximum skin friendliness, minimum skin irritation, and zero pressure marks. 


No size fits all. Thus, we offer a wide selection of sizes based on comfort stretch measurements and +50 years of knitting expertise.

premium continence care products

Our product range is developed to fit the different needs of individuals. We produce more than 20m pieces every year, and we have been in the incontinece industry for 50+ years. You can count on our products.

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Private label or distributor - this is what you get when you partner with us

As a Tytex Continence Care partner or distributor, you can rely on top-tier consultancy from skilled professionals with expertise within textile manufacturing, knitting and weaving techniques, compliance, development, logistics, and everything else required to develop your products and get them to market quickly. 

Material selection 

We help you choose the best materials for medical garments based on performance, clinical experience, safety, and cost-effectiveness. 

Design and development 

Together with you we develop innovative designs and prototypes that meet your specific needs and requirements.  

Testing and validation 

We conduct rigorous testing and validation of medical garments to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as those set by the MDR, FDA and ISO. We assist you in providing documentation and can act as your go-to compliance department.  

Scalable production and fast logistics 

With both development and production based in the EU, we guarantee products of superior quality produced according to the strictest standards in the market. We provide guidance and support for the production and manufacturing of medical garments, including sourcing assistance, production management, and quality control. 

Full support and service 

We can provide everything you need in terms of marketing assets, documentation & certifications, and clinical evidence.  


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choosing the right material

We have decades of experience in selecting and combining the right materials to create garments that are both functional and comfortable. 

Garments produced by us can be made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or linen or from synthetic materials such as polyester. In every case the functionality of the product and the comfort for the wearer dictate the choice of material.  

We always perform a thorough check of our suppliers before initiating a partnership to ensure due diligence, supply chain stability, and optimal quality levels. 

Learn more about how we work with technology and materials 

Learn more about how we work with technology and materials 

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With long-standing experience in product introduction in most countries and regions in the world, we can act as your guide.
It can save you time and efforts plus give you a higher feeling of safety, hopefully, because we stand next to you in the entire process if you should request us to do so.

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Thomas Nake - Managing Director, Tytex GmbH


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