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Wound care fixation garments have a lot of direct benefits for health care professionals and patients alike - they are comfortable to wear, easy to work with, and they aid healing processes by keeping would care products in place and hereby keeping the wound sites clean. As a result, they are used widely in hospitals and clinics across the world - and in great numbers.  

Our fixation products for IV and wound care prevents the displacement of tubes and dressings. The products protect sensitive skin and make adhesive bandages less necessary. 
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Carefix: a trusted brand for your portfolio

In the Carefix range we offer wound dressing fixation products for fingers, toes, heads, arms, and legs plus a tube for IV fixation, suitable for hand/arm and foot. Each product is carefully designed to fit the specific body part. This ensures that the products will always stay in place and feel comfortable to wear for the patient. 

The wound dressing and IV fixation products are in a flexible, breathable, comfortable and soft material. They are pre-cut and ready to use; it saves time for the healthcare personnel and avoids needless waste. 

As an addition to your own product range, you can trust the Carefix range to deliver what your customers need while creating great business opportunities for you. 

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your own wound care fixation label

If you need a partner to design, develop, and manufacture your own range of wound care fixation garments, please reach out to us. You can rely on our expertise, and we will support and guide you all the way from first idea to scaled production – including compliance, documentation, and marketing support.  

See how we can develop your own line of wound care fixation products right here 

Your benefits working with us

  • R&D and production in the EU
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified products
  • Short lead times
  • Tried-and-tested product development process
  • Environmentally friendly yarn and packaging solutions 
  • MDR and compliance knowledge
  • 50+ years of experience in the industry 
  • High service level 

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Fixation Carefix is a fantastic addition to our product range. Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive selection of products, including not only wound healing solutions but also fixation devices, ostomy belts and compression bras. What our customers love the most is the outstanding quality of our products. They are easy to use, suitable for patients with very sensitive skin and significantly enhance patient care.

Ing. Eva Konečná  - FLEN HEALTH s.r.o.

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Finn Christian Andersen - Int. Key Account Manager


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