more than five decades with medical garments and textiles

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the tytex history

Once upon a time in Ikast, Denmark, a family had a revolutionary vision. In 1971, the Thygesen family founded Tytex without knowing that the company would forever change the landscape of medical garments and textile products. From the very beginning, what guided the Tytex journey was the commitment to constant progress and doing better.

1971   Founded as a textile manufacturer in Denmark

1973   Introduced fixation pants for babies and incontinent adults

2005   Focus exclusively on products in the field of medical garments and textiles

2019   Zefyr Invest acquisition – long-term ownership

the invention of a knitting method

The Thygesen family developed a ground-breaking production method that allowed products to be knitted in a single manufacturing process.

But they didn't stop there. In 1973, Tytex embarked on a successful collaboration with a leading pad manufacturer, jointly developing and producing fixation pants for babies and incontinent adults. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in the field of continence care.

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expanding globally

A major milestone came in 1979 when Tytex acquired the patent rights from an American company, propelling their development of innovative incontinence briefs even further. 

In 1984, Tytex established the first overseas production plant in Ireland, followed by Tytex Inc. in the US in 1989. In 2001 Tytex Slovakia in 2001 was added and then Tytex Thailand in 2008. Today the manufacturing operations are consolidated in facilities in Slovakia.

To support the expanding operations, sales offices opened in Germany in 1993 and in Thailand in 2008. HQ remained in Ikast, Denmark. 

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Owned by the Zefyr Group since 2019 as a long-term investment, Tytex today is a healthy and ambitious company. We employ 550 people around the world and expect that number to grow in the coming years.

We have been able to maintain a solid and robust business despite changes in ownership, various global financial crises and a pandemic. We have adjusted to evolving market trends due to our ability to change and adapt to new challenges.

And we’re proud that we continue to be considered a reliable partner by our partners and customers throughout the world.

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