SAFEHIP® hip fracture protection garments

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Hip protection garments with advanced fracture protection technology

Hip fractures are a serious health hazard, and the risk increases with age. With the right protection garments, it is possible to continue leading an active lifestyle with a reduced risk of hip fracture.

SAFEHIP hip protectors from Tytex is the right protection garment.

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hip protection & fracture prevention made easy

Our Safehip range offers prevention from potentially life-threatening hip fractures. Our products are developed for individuals with brittle bones and/or in risk of falling. Our products offer maximum mobility and comfort for the user.  

Soft, comfortable, and safe

SAFEHIP hip protectors are garments for individuals of all ages. SAFEHIP® has built-in protection shields that disperse the impact forces away from the bone if a fall occurs. The patented protection shields are sewn into soft, comfortable briefs produced entirely without seams, allowing the user full freedom of movement. SAFEHIP® garments are available in an extensive size range.  

Patented horseshoe design

The protective shield covering the hip bone has a patented horseshoe shape that gives maximum fall protection and follows the motion of the body in a natural way. The design disperses the impact force away from the hip bone when a fall occurs. 

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SAFEHIP® product benefits

Safehip is developed in collaboration with Danish orthopedic surgeons. 

Breathable material

  • Perfect fit and slim profile
  • Washable at low temperatures
  • Patented impact protection technology
  • Developed and produced in the EU

Safehip® AirX for maximum breathability

Our premium Safehip product is The Safehip AirX. The Safehip AirXprotection shell is made of AirX spacer fabric. The AirX spacer fabric is a breathable soft shell. The garment itself has a high elastane content, ensuring excellent comfort for the user. 

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Interested in distributing Safehip®?

Our Safehip products are sold through an international network of partners and distributors. We are always looking for more distributors to include in our “family”.  Does this sound like an interesting opportunity?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’re always open for an informal conversation.

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Finn  Andreasen - Int. Key Account Manager

Benefits as a tytex brand distirbutor

  • High quality hip protection garments with proven results
  • Products developed in Denmark and produced in Europe
  • End-to-end supply chain
  • Solid and professional support in logistics, sales, legislation, and marketing
  • Advanced training and knowledge transfer
  • Scalable production and fast delivery

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