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Many brands - large or small - see the benefits in adding medical textiles and garments to their portfolio. There are numerous ways we help our customers create their own private label solutions. In the below, you can dive into selected areas.

If you are looking for something else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If the product has a function, we can do almost anything within seamless knitted wear. 

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Medical compression garments 

Support garments 

Fixation solutions 

Semi-finished solutions 

Maternity garments

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Medical compression garments

Medical compression garments are a powerful addition to your portfolio of care-related products. They are typically used in hospitals or clinics for post-operational care, cutting back on healing times and making patients more mobile and comfortable.  

Support to a post-surgical area

Compression garments can be any medical or technical garment designed to deliver support to a post-surgical area. Correct compression or support can assist the healing process and support the patient experience with as little discomfort as possible.  

Compression garments can be anything from a simple compression sleeve to a sophisticated post-surgical bra or a compression vest for larger surgically impacted areas of the body. 

You can expect us to be your expert partner in the developing, prototyping, manufacturing, documenting, and marketing of your own line of medical compression garments.  

We can make almost any type of seamless knitted garment your company requires with the level of compression you need – in large volumes, with fast time-to-market and full regulatory and documentation support. 

More about post-operative compression

As a clinician I had an idea of a seamless bra product. Finding a good manufacturer seemed to be extremely difficult when it came to samples and the quality. A visit to the Tytex head office to work with the R & D team gave me complete confidence in their ability to design a product to my unique specification.

The weave and weft technology that Tytex have to offer is second to none; their testing technology used is first class. They have a well organised infrastructure and their quality of manufacturing is of the highest standards. We have been trading with Tytex for numerous years since our product launch in the UK. Tytex are undoubtably are globally leader in medical textiles.

Highly valued private label partner - Post-surgical bras

support garments to supplement your brand portfolio

Support garments are... many things. Mostly, they exist to give people the freedom of movement back after surgery, birth, or an intervention such as an ostomy.  

Unlike compression garments the objective of a support garment is not — necessarily — to reduce swelling or increase blood flow to specific areas of the body. Support garments are designed for holding medical equipment or parts of the human body in place. Support garments can also be used to help correct body posture. 

Pain relief, motion control, and support 

Support garments are great when increased stability is needed for pain relief and motion control. They also boost confidence by supporting joints and vulnerable parts of the body. 

An example: Ostomates and people with hernias can have a need for concealing and supporting the ostomy pouch and to wear a garment that does not constrain an active lifestyle. Women may require supporting garments in the weeks and months leading up to the birth of the child or immediately after. With the right support garment, the wearer will experience higher levels of comfort and safety. 

Read more about our offerings for private label maternity garments manufacturers 

It's all about comfort

Garments with a seamless fit help the user feel comfortable and avoid general skin irritation or scraping. With our 4-way stretch the garments ensure optimal adjustment to the users' body contours throughout the entire period of wear.

We employ various technologies such as weft knitting, or warp knitting to create different knitting zones in the garment. We complete the garment with accessories such as straps, zippers and hook & eye – just as you specify it in collaboration with our designers. 

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fixation garments

Modern medical garments often need to be able to support attachment and fixation of sensors, tubing, IV drops, or even critical equipment that must be worn at all times.  

Whether we are talking about wearables or temporary fixation of a medical device to the body, we have the expertise you are looking for.

When you go into the development phase of a garment to fit a device, you need a partner with the know-how and the expertise needed to carry your project from idea to marketable product.  

Textiles designed for wearables technology

Wearables are not really wearables without the correct textile or garment to make them comfortable and safe to wear. Wearables can be anything from lifesaving medical equipment such as insulin pumps to sophisticated monitoring technology measuring vital data from the body and giving feedback to the wearer or to medical professionals.  

If you are looking for a partner with the extensive textile expertise to design the optimum garment solution for your wearables, we might just prove to be the right fit. We have all the know-how and experience available to guide you through the entire design and prototyping process. This includes documentation, sourcing, and certifications.  

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product features


Our textiles with four-way stretch adapt to the body providing superb compression, support, and comfort.


Targeted compression and fixation will support where needed with advanced zone tech knitting technology.


Seamless knitting will ensure maximum skin friendliness, minimum skin irritation, and zero pressure marks. 


No size fits all. Thus, we offer a wide selection of sizes based on comfort stretch measurements and +50 years of knitting expertise.

semi-finished textiles & garments

Are you looking for customized textile solutions for your medical devices? We supply your brand with roll goods, spacers, semi-finished and finished products for medical garments and orthopedic products. Our products are developed and designed at our R&D facility in Denmark and manufactured in the EU at our own production site.  

We specialize in the development and production of: 

  • Fabrics for medical device fixation
  • Fabrics and textile solutions for orthopedic products
  • Fabrics and textile solutions for prosthetics
  • Fabrics and textile solutions for advanced wearables

Designing your textiles

When partnering with us, you get the advantage of working with an experienced OEM and semi-finished textile supplier. We work with some of the largest medical device brands worldwide. We also collaborate with some of the best manufacturers of roll-goods and fabrics and offer you our expertise in the design, development, and prototyping of any semi-finished textile product you can imagine.  

Extensive yarn range 

Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to source a wide range of materials like polyester, polyamide, cotton, wool, modal, viscose, acetate, tencel, bamboo and elastane. In other words, we are able to locate just exactly the right yarn for your product. 

Our finished and semi-finished textile solutions are predominately manufactured in white, black or tan. On request we can supply other colors. However, it is important to note that some colours are better than others in terms of environmental impact. We always guide you towards the most sustainable choice of yarn and choice of colour.

integration of advanced features & superb software

We can integrate just about any advanced feature into your products. It can be breathability, electrical conductivity properties, derma friendliness, stretchability (both 2 and 4-way), thermal qualities, anti-bacterial attributes, hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties as well as sophisticated and targeted compression.  

Our designers use advanced computer-based machine-knit patterns, allowing us to integrate superb comfort levels in any garment. The software we use helps us – and you – create and visualize careful designs, patterns, textures, and features. 

Read more about our knitting technologies here 

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We're proud to have long-term partnerships with many of the leading medical garments and textiles suppliers and specialist. We create Better Healthcare Together.

  • Garments and wearable technologies specialists
  • Prosthetic devices manufacturers
  • Incontinence, urology, ostomy, post-op and wound care vendors
  • Orthopedic device manufacturers
  • Hip fracture prevention distributors
  • Specialty textile applications manufacturers within thermal, compression, breathability, derma, hydro and moisture 

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Want to develop your product portfolio and increase sales? You can rely on our expertise when it comes to anything related to packaging and market introduction: Packaging design, IFU copywriting, printing and labelling, regulatory, compliance, and post market surveillance issues.
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Line Wulff  - CCO & President, Tytex Inc.

Maternity garments

We have a long track record of providing brands – large or small – with a collection of support and compression garments for pregnant women and new mothers. 

Modern mothers know what they want. They require clothing that is comfortable to wear during and after pregnancies; clothing that offers compression and support; is breathable and made from skin-friendly materials – and that looks good. 

We guide you all the way to success

Maternity garments such as bras, briefs, and panties for pre- and post-natal care are challenging to design and produce. Plus, for your product portfolio, you need a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to cover the demand of your customers. This means you need the right partner with the design and development capabilities and the scalable production setup to deliver your new maternity garment portfolio to the market on time.  

Our partners value our all-round knowledge and our ability to get the finish line with a market-relevant product. It’s a combination of knowledge about textile and garment design, fashion, the health care sector, textile manufacturing picked up over many years of working within this sector.

The market for maternity garments is alluring, but it's tough. Let us be your guide to success. 

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