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24. January 2018

When I had my ostomy (Colostomy)

When I had my ostomy (Colostomy) back in 2013 following intestinal cancer surgery, I worried a lot about how to get a normal life again.

I have always been a very active person - playing football, running, skiing with my family, doing activities with my children etc....but how was I to continue doing this now with a pouch hanging on my belly? I felt great discomfort sensing the pouch against my skin and the thought and feeling that it might fall off, made it difficult for me to see how I was ever to do those things I love most in life.

One thing was to compromise on my free time, however, another great concern related to my working life was the general feeling of constantly having to be on guard in case the pouch fell off.
There were many worries and negative feelings related to the fact that I now had to wear a pouch on my belly – thoughts and feelings that could almost prevent me from living the life I wanted to, in spite of the cancer disease and my ostomy.

Fortunately it turned out that help was near, as I was introduced to the two Corsinel StomaSafe ostomy belts. Thanks to these two belts I no longer have to deal with the feeling of discomfort or worry about whether my ostomy pouch will fall off. The StomaSafe belts make me feel safe when I am active, alone, in groups or with my family. I have peace of mind as I know that the belt holds my pouch in place so that it doesn’t hang loose and I know the pouch is fixated even when I run or am otherwise active. This way I can actually enjoy the activity rather than worrying about “what if…..”. Furthermore, it’s extremely nice that I don’t feel the pouch directly on my skin, as this used to give me a feeling of discomfort and ”disgust”. The ostomy belts have helped me getting rid of this feeling and I have now come so far that I sometimes even forget I have an ostomy!

The belts haven’t just eased my spare time – they also provide me great joy and security at work, securing that the pouch stays in place and at the same time the StomaSafe belts help reduce possible noises from the pouch, which gives much more discretion compared to not wearing the belt. There is no doubt that wearing these Corsinel StomaSafe belts contributes to giving me much more quality of life, and I no longer feel restricted in doing the things that mean the most to me. Now I can just be ”me”, instead of ”me and my ostomy pouch".

When I had my ostomy (Colostomy)

44 years old, from Denmark

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