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Targeted compression - Tytex ZoneTech®

Targeted compression for faster and more comfortable healing

Targeted compression for faster and more comfortable healing

Tytex post-op bras are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones that are knitted into the products.

Targeted compression on wound/scar tissue and the surrounding swollen tissue, will advance the healing process, reduce the infection risk and help achieve nicer scarring. The compression zones in our post-op bras are specially designed into each product based on medical indication. By providing targeted compression our bras not only fixate and support the breasts after surgery, but also create optimal conditions for improved wound healing and pain relief, leading to increased comfort and faster recovery.

Furthermore, the compression zones at the back of the bra serve as support as well as posture correction, reducing post-surgical neck, shoulder and back pain without compromising mobility.

A unique feature uniquely illustrated

The way Tytex work with our knitting technique by adding precisely targeted compression  zones into our products is quite unique. However, it can be rather difficult to explain and illustrate the position, function and the difference the compression zones make when looking at a finished white or black product.

Therefore, to illustrate a rather complex feature as simple as possible, we have invented the colour coding. By using different colouring of the zones we highlight where the compression zones are placed at the products and furthermore, each colour indicates the level of compression used (level 1-6 where 1 is highest level).

We call this Tytex ZoneTech®. The visualisation of compression zones demonstrates very clearly the targeted compression of a particular bra.

We use Tytex ZoneTech® in both our product drawings and in physical ZoneTech® bras, which are 100% identical to the finished bras, but with coloured yarns knitted into the zones for demonstration.

As can be seen, ZoneTech® is a registered trademark by Tytex and ll the ZoneTech® product drawings hold a design registration as well.


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