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Expertise in weft and warp knitted healthcare textiles

Our technology platform is centered around weft (circular) and warp (mesh) knitting technologies.

Your benefits? Seamless, body-fitted medical fixation and compression healthcare textiles.

Weft Circular knitting

Seamless bodyfitted garments with targeted and controlled support and compression.

Warp Mesh knitting

Medical mesh knitted garments with targeted and
controlled fixation of body-worn devices.

Strong know-how and technology in these knitting techniques, combined with many years of hands-on experience, we deliver garment solutions that will provide "benefits around the body". 

That means every single garment produced  benefits the specific the medical condition it is intended for. 

No other medical textile manufacturer operates this professionally with the four unique parameters that we offer:

  • 4-way stretch
  • Real seamless
  • Targeted compression/fixation and
  • Fact-based sizing.

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3 good reasons for partnering with us

  1. Tytex masters all diameters that fit the human body and the output is finished or semi-finished body-fitted products, roll-goods or fabrics.
  2. Tytex is an OEM and private label manufacturer to some of the largest medical brands on the global market: We know what your business is all about.
  3. We have a global network of dedicated partners that distribute Tytex's own medical textile brands