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Own brands, own design

We offer a complete range of branded, innovative medical garments solutions, developed and designed in our own R&D department under the supervision of our Medical Management Department.

Supervised quality

We deliver highest possible quality, well-tested and well-documented medical textile products. Our claim rates are among the lowest in the market with CPM < 0.52 (based on monthly records and plans) and our satisfaction rate as high as 99.99% (based on conducted and documented customer satisfaction surveys).

The good feedback also include our excellent delivery. Customers express great satisfaction with our ability to deliver in agreed quantities, on time, every time. This combined with high quality in every delivery, ensures steady high customer satisfaction rates.

This is feasible due to our own advanced production facilities in Slovakia, where we control the production and logistics directly. Our products are Danish designed which again counts for high quality and proven design.

Tytex is committed to meeting industry and environmental standards and requirements. See Registrations and certificates for further information.

Fewer SKU's - good for your business

Based on our extensive knowhow and competences within our knitting technologies, all our products are developed in flexible materials for optimum fit and comfort, still ensuring the fixation and compression needed to fulfill medical requirements. With this advanced knitting technology, fewer size variants are required to cover all sizes and we deliver full size ranges and logical size guides to ensure correct fitting for the user.

Your advantage:
Fewer Stock Keeping Units required to cover the entire size range necessary = improved cash flow.

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