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17. December 2019

Tytex made my post surgical breast cancer life more bearable

My name is Denise. I have breast cancer. Tytex has made my post surgical life more bearable. I was given a Carefix bra for support before my first surgery. I am rather large chested and was used to wearing a much more flimsy undergarment. The Carefix Sophia and Lisa bras gave me actual support and improved my posture.

I also have back problems that cause me considerable pain. The support helped with that too. So when I was later told to get “compression bras” due to a side effect that caused Lymphedema, I thought right away of Tytex. I found them on the net after an exhaustive search locally. I was looking for a compression bra that would support 2 different cup sizes (due to swelling) and Tytex sent me the Sophia and the Lisa to help support the smaller breast while letting the larger breast have more room. It was amazing! Not only was the symmetry better, but I was actually supported on BOTH sides. Thank you Tytex!

The Sophia was a wonderful garment which fit very snuggly (as compression bras are supposed to do, which as you can imagine can become more uncomfortable as the day progresses) but due to the special fabric that it is made of, this actually became MORE comfortable after about 15-20 minutes!

The Lisa has the same attributes, but I find it MORE comfortable (as time progresses) because of the additions to the specialized basic material. They both have polyamide, cotton, and elastane, both are latex free.

The one I like best for my situation is the Lisa. Due to the significant difference in cup sizes and the swelling next to the breast under the armpit it seems more comfortable to me, while getting the support AND compression that I have to have. My O.T. (Occupational Therapist) likes the Sophia better. As a lymphedema specialist, she likes the tight fit better. She highly approves of the Lisa as well, however.  I have noticed a greater looking symmetry with the Carefix Lisa and the Carefix Sophia. Now this is just me, but as any cancer patient knows, everyone is different. Boy is THAT an understatement!

Again thank you Tytex, I know I would make it through this, but with your assistance I have been (and still am) more comfortable doing it.

Tytex made my post surgical breast cancer life more bearable

from USA

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