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18. September 2018

The StomaSafe belts are great products

StomaSafe Plus:

It is very easy to apply the StomaSafe Plus belt and it fits very well around the stoma. It gives a good sense of security that the pouch doesn’t just “pop out” underneath one’s clothes and I noticed that very shortly after having started using the belt, I stopped checking if the pouch had appeared from underneath my blouse. The belt is really comfortable to wear and it is really great that the pouch is not touching the skin directly, especially during warm periods. I will definitely wear it again and probably even increase the use of it in future as it provides extra safety, keeping the pouch in place. I think this belt is a great product.

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StomaSafe Classic:

I have chosen to use StomaSafe Classic for sleeping which is really fine. It’s so nice to be able to turn in bed without having to check if the pouch gets stuck. I sleep very well with the belt on and it feels nice to have the fabric between the pouch and the skin. I will definitely continue using it at night as the additional security it gives during sleep is really great.

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The StomaSafe belts are great products

from Denmark

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