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18. December 2017

Tytex is now introducing pre-dyed yarns for improved colour result and environmental footprint With the switch from piece dyed products to products made in pre-dyed yarns, Tytex proves that high quality products and care for the environment are compatible. Having developed these new yarn types in close co-operation with our yarn suppliers, Tytex is one of the first medical textile manufacturers to offer this unique solution. The use of pre-dyed yarns will not only improve product advantages in many ways - it also has  a very positive impact on both the work environment and the environment surrounding us. The environmental impact will be significantly reduced due to the elimination of chemicals, water and utility consumption otherwise required for the piece dyed process. Read full article here

16. November 2017

No more bulky hips! One of the main challenges with hip protectors is the users' concern about getting a bulky appearance when wearing them, which results in low compliance. With the SAFEHIP® AirX™ Discreet we have addressed this concern and made a product that is both discreet to wear and provides efficient protection against a hip fracture from a fall. Read all about the new products here or contact your Tytex sales representative for more information.

7. November 2017

MEDICA 2017 is coming up - and we will be there! Make an appointment with one of our medical garments and textile specialists to find out how  we can help you grow your business the smart way. Stephen Doades will be happy to meet you concerning medical garments for e.g . post-op care, ostomy care, wound care and hip protection.  Frank Stærmose (MBA)  is available for meetings around Technical Textiles to be used for spacers for bandages/bracers, stockinettes/liners for prosthetic devices and cervical collars, sculpted circular knit sleeves/bandages, hospital underwear and flat-knit wound-care textiles intended for silicone applications. Let's meet and discuss how we can help you add value to your medical textile business. We look forward to seeing you!

26. September 2017

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt awarded by parents. We are really proud to announce that the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt has won BRONZE in the "Clothing - Maternity/Nursing Lingerie" category in the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2017. With this new achievement, Cantaloop adds award no. 7 to the trophy list. What is more important: all the awards won have been assigned by parents and based on thorough parent testing. This is by far the best recognition any product can get. And the new award again underlines our capabilities to design and develop products that stand out in the competition and make a real difference to the users due to high quality and remarkable features. We are especially happy that it's the Pregnancy Support Belt that has once again shown its worth, as this truly is a product that helps pregnant women feel more comfortable and relieved during pregnancy. Go to full news article:

14. September 2017

How to prevent falls  and  reduce the consequences. Falls are the leading cause of injury related emergency department visits for older adults and the major cause of hip fractures. Every year, several thousands of people will suffer a hip fracture. The consequences are painful lengthy treatment, as well as a need for nursing care. This is often a threat to the independence and the quality of life of the older adult. With the right efforts, falls can be prevented, but if they do occur, a hip protector can reduce the consequences significantly. We have collected the most important information about fall prevention and hip protection in one article:

28. August 2017

Living with a stoma can be challenging in many ways. With the right level of support, the quality of life of the individual ostomate will improve.  At Tytex, we have a vision: We want people with a stoma to live as they like. We want to improve the quality of their lives through the supply of best in class ostomy support garments. This vision is embodied in our Corsinel product range, where we continuously design and develop improved ostomy and hernia support garments to offer a full range covering all the different support needs of our users, depending on their type of stoma and possible hernia. With the latest addition of the Corsinel Regular line, we have completed our assortment of support garments within three different support levels.

2. August 2017

Want to know more about hip protection? Help is near. We have just updated our extensive FAQ on hip protectors and SAFEHIP® and now it contains much more relevant medical data on hip fractures, standards and effectiveness. The new FAQ gives an excellent introduction to SAFEHIP® in particular and to the whole field of hip protection and hip fractures in general. It deals with the basic concerns and challenges of a fall and the consequences of hip fractures. As it is written in a form and in a language that is easy to comprehend, it serves very well as a quick guide to the area. Have a look - and should you have a question that is not covered by the FAQ, we would love to hear from you!

6. July 2017

We are very proud! Our great Corsinel Female pant for ostomy care and hernia management. designed and developed back in 2004 in co-operation with designers from Design School Kolding and Coloplast, has been chosen for display at the "Beyond Icons" exhibition in celebration of Design School Kolding's 50th anniversary. Good design really is timeless - and crucial in our business.

5. July 2017

Take a tour around our great production facilities at Tytex Slovakia - and be convinced that we are the market leaders within medical gaments and textile knitting.

30. June 2017

SAFEHIP® OUT OF THE EMPA TEST SHADOW For many years the Swiss EMPA test method for the biomechanical evaluation of hip protector performance of hip protectors has been the only real attempt to have a uniform test method. However, latest development is that after 2017, EMPA tests on hip protectors no longer exist, as EMPA and BfU, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, have terminated their cooperation. This is good news for SAFEHIP®. Read full news here

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