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Barrier mask and ready-to-use wound dressing and IV fixation garments

The Carefix barrier mask is used as a preventive garment to reduce the risk of airborne viral contamination by hindering hand-to-face contamination and hence the transmission of airborne viruses.

The Carefix wound dressing and IV fixation products all have in common that they are precut and ready-to-use, right from the box. No scissors required to cut the products into the right size which makes them both easy-to-apply and timesaving to use. 

The products have high elasticity which makes them flexible and easy to handle. The use of these products help reduce the use of adhesive band aids which increases the user comfort and saves time.

The wound dressing and IV fixation products offer simple and fast application of wound dressing or IV.

All products in this range are latex free and Oeko-Tex certified

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