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Wound and protective care: Dressing & IV fixation, barrier mask

Protect wound sites - promote healing

Wound sites must be protected from pathogens and further injury in order to promote healing and IV needles need to be held securely in place to protect against infection and minimize bleeding. This is where the Carefix wound dressing fixation products come in handy.

Our wound dressing fixation products for IV and wound patients prevent the displacement of needles, tubes and dressings. Furthermore, we have designed the Carefix range to protect sensitive skin and make adhesive bandages unnecessary.

There are products for wound dressing fixation on finger, toe, head, arm and leg –and a tube for IV fixation, suitable for hand/arm and foot. Each product is carefully designed to fit the specific body part and hence the products will always stay in place and feel comfortable to wear for the patient.

The wound dressing and IV fixation products are in a flexible, breathable, comfortable and soft material - pre-cut and ready to use, saving time and avoiding needless waste.

Protect yourself and others

In the light of the Corona and similar pandemics, the use of protective equipment has become crucial and important to contain the spread of virus.

The Carefix barrier mask is used as a preventive garment that reduces the risk of airborne viral contamination by hindering hand-to-face contamination. The mask is not a medical supply, but a valid alternative to protect oneself when going outside.

The textile barrier mask forms a barrier for hand-to-face contamination and may also help minimize the transmission of airborne organisms from coughing, speaking, sneezing or respiration from persons nearby. 

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