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Innovate – diversify and innovate your business (Blue Sky)

Often the need for high performance innovation will require competences from more companies. Tytex has a strong network of partners - companies, organisations and general stakeholders - that offer out-of-the-box-thinking and ideas for innovative solutions that can be converted into commercially sound market offerings.

Both our skilled research and development department and our partners in the textile and medical device industry will provide a strong platform for innovation that brings forward so far unseen market advantages and enhance your opportunity to position yourself with unique selling propositions.

We provide

Our strong network of technology partners has been able to extract insights and provide the basis for high performing innovations and outcomes, resulting in synergy.

Let Tytex help you explore new horizons and solutions that you, your partners and clients might not have thought of. By joining forces we can diversify and innovate your business.

  • Roll goods (fabrics)
  • Limb size
  • Body size 

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Finn Christian Andreasen
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  • Build internal/external know-how
  • Identify high performance innovations
  • Get a pro-active and explorative approach
  • Open new markets
  • Gain new revenue lines
  • Become a fi rst mover
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