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Synergies for growth

Innovation strengthens competitiveness

Navigating the market place is challenging for most medical device companies. It takes heavy strategic resources and innovative products or services with a real point of difference to provide a true competitive edge.

Few companies are able to manage all disciplines on their own, and most will find that working with specialists for unique selling propositions would release synergies faster.

With Tytex Technical Textile Solutions we have developed a concept that addresses the above challenges – a three-phased model, focussing on your requirements and market place outlook.

    Understanding your supply chain and the fit with Tytex

  2. EXPAND:
    Activity that improves existing products for increased/improved market share

    Release synergies for explorative innovation

  • Understand your value and supply chain
  • Determine the optimal value chain and processes
  • Improve margins in the market
  • Source better raw materials, semi-finished or finished products
  • Improve existing products
  • Add new product lines
  • Approach new markets
  • Reduce development time
  • Release resources
  • Build internal/external know-how
  • Identify high performance innovations
  • Get a pro-active and explorative approach
  • Opennew markets
  • Gain new reveneu lines
  • Become a first mover

Our deliverables

The deliverables from Tytex consist of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or research and development programmes, always adding value to your market position with Tytex’s own line of products or alternatively from knowledge and sourcing partners.

Proof of concept

The following case is a proof of our capabilities within the INNOVATE stage - diversify and innovate your business (Blue Sky).

In the case our customer Ohmatex was looking to find ways to document repetitive manual work and the physical effects of this. Click the picture to read the full case.

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Stay competitive, be innovative

Since 2009, the number of patents on medical devices have more than doubled.

This suggests that companies realise that constant innovation and idea generation are crucial to become or stay innovative.

Is your company innovative and explorative enough to outcompete
your competitors?

Let us help you find out.

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