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Limb size

Raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods customized for particular usages and particular clients

Applicable for:

Bandages, orthotics, prosthetics, sleeves, liners, seal socks, stockinettes for cervical collars, plaster casting, motor system devices, wearables and technology platforms etc.

Limb size circumference frame: 1-90 cm

Yarn types:

Polyester, polyamide (supplex), cotton, wool, modal, viscose,
acetate, tencel, elastane and many other.

Specialty features:

Derma friendly, electrical conductive,
thermal, anti bacterial and many other.

Pre- and post production treatments:

Attachment of device supportive articles such as patella rings or
hinges, cutting/punching, ultrasound bonding, mechanical bonding,
sewing, fixation, colouring, logo/design – embossed/knitted or pad
printed, packing, washing and service/logistics.


ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX100. REACH,
SEDEX, FDA and some with SFDA also.

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