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AirX® vs. neoprene


Considering to upgrade from neoprene? We recommend AirX®    

The use of neoprene in medical devices like bandages, orthotics, prosthetics, sleeves and liners is widespread due to lucrative costs. However, it’s also a known fact that neoprene has some not so nice features, particularly around breathability and moisture building which has a negative impact on user comfort.

We would like to recommend AirX® spacer material as an innovative, latex-free alternative to neoprene, foam and elastics. By using AirX® spacer textiles you will lift your medical devices or reha products to the next level in terms of user comfort, as it is highly breathable, and comfortable to the skin, leading to increased patient comfort and compliance. AirX® offers the support without the issues of moisture build up.

AirX® is a Danish technology with a positive track record of more than 20 years for flexible high yielding knitting capabilities.

What can you expect from AirX®?

Material characteristics
  • High air permeability
  • Effective moisture vapour transport
  • Highest degree of breathability
  • Thermal resistance engineered so that the area covered remains comfortably warm
  • Reduces shear and friction
  • Provides cushioning
  • Extreme low weight
  • Permanent recovery
  • Washable (40°C) and quick-drying
  • Heat-mouldable
  • 4-way stretch
  • Latex-free
Adjustable parameters
  • Compression
  • Thickness
  • Texture of each side
  • Stretch and recovery
  • Softness/comfort
  • Air permeability
  • Customised to your specifications in terms of design, patterns and texture
  • Adding of patterns/logos
  • Colours

Possible add-ons
  • Derma friendly
  • Thermal features
  • Anti bacterial
  • Stretch and elongation to order
  • Yarns to order (polyester, polyamide, wool, cotton, viscose, acetate, tencel, etc.)

Please contact us if your need set is not listed above and let us find synergies and enhance the features.

The below figure illustrates the pros and cons of the different types of textiles used for bandages, orthotics, prosthetics, sleeves and liners compared to AirX®.

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Let us discuss the advantages AirX® can offer your specific product and make it stand out in the competition.

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