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Technical textile solutions for medical applications

You are the expert of your finished medical devices - we are the experts of the textiles you require for them. Let's be experts together.

When you partner with Tytex, you get much more than products - we offer you complete medical textile solutions. Our proven offerings are your guarantee to get technical textiles solutions that are completely in line with your requirements and values, as your Tytex project and R&D team have a fundamental need to understand your value chain, your suppliers and your clients. 

To fully comprehend your healthcare business, we ask you a lot of questions up front. We do this to secure that the end result will be a tailor-made medical textile solution that fits you and not just anyone. 

Your Technical Textile partner with a strong technology platform

Your benefit is finished or semi-finished body-fitted products, roll-goods or fabrics. Tytex has a close partnership with some of the most skilled manufacturers of roll-goods and fabrics.

Today, Tytex is an OEM and private label supplier to some of the largest medical device brands on the global market.

The Tytex technical platform – design and process

Designing your textile to order - flexibility, speed and commercial upsides

Polyester, polyamide, cotton, wool, modal, viscose, acetate, tencel, elastane - in principle all yarn types are possible

Wearables predominantly in white,black or tan - in principle all colours are possible

Breathable, hydrofi l, hydrophob, derma friendly, electrical conductive, thermal, anti-bacterial, etc.

Targeted according to user indications and illustrated by Tytex ZoneTech® (link til dette)

2/4-way stretch and recovery
Measurements, performance testing and adaptations

Adaptability to wearable devices
Measurements, performance testing and adaptations

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX® 100, REACH, SEDEX, FDA and some with SFDA also

Knitting programme experience
-  Comfort/device suitability in wearables
-  Sculpted/conical/anatomical
-  Fixation

Post-production treatments
-  Device/article/co-product  attachment
-  Ultrasound/mechanical/bonding
-  Sewing
-  Fixation
-  Cutting/punching
-  Packing, washing and service/ logistics

Innovation and development The Tytex Way

Tailored concept development

The Tytex Way is our unique business concept for developing and strengthening your business.

Read more about the Tytex Way here.

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Let us explore your opportunities together.

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