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Protective care - barrier masks

Reusable barrier masks with proven protection

In the light of the Corona and similar pandemics, the use of some sort of protective equipment has become crucial and important in the attempt to contain the spread of virus.

The Carefix barrier mask types are intended as a passive support garment that forms a barrier for hand-to-face contamination and may reduce the transmission of airborne organisms from coughing, speaking, sneezing or respiration from persons nearby. 

Proven protection for a better choice

The Carefix Barrier Masks have successfully passed the required tests defined in the new EU standard CWA 175531  for Community Face Coverings and AFNOR SPEC S76-001with the following impressive results:

The test results verify that the filtration ability and air permeability of the masks exceed the requirements in the standards for Community Face Coverings. With this positive result, the Carefix Barrier Masks present a better choice compared to the majority of not tested textile barrier masks currently on the market.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness combined with comfort

The increased use of disposable barrier masks also means much increased waste.  The Carefix Barrier Masks are an eco- friendly solution as they are washable and re-usable multiple times which reduces the environmental impact considerably.

At the same time they are really comfortable to wear thanks to the super soft, Oeko-Tex certified material. They offer high breathability for increased user comfort and the one-piece tube design of the masks eliminates both seams and the need for elastic bands around the ears. The tube design also ensures easy and safe use as well as a good fit, so that the masks stay in place to offer the said protection.


A thorough instruction for use in multiple languages is added to each packaging. Download instruction for use.

As Carefix brand or in your own design?

We offer the masks either in a Carefix branded solution ready for distribution right away, or we can develop a signature mask with your logo/text on it.

Please contact a Tytex sales representative or Tytex Customer Service for more information. 


A barrier mask is not just a barrier mask – quality and security must be in place. A new common European standard may help manufacturers of textile barrier masks to ensure this.

The use of textile masks is becoming more and more widespread, but you cannot be sure they function as intended, if the masks are not tested for security and quality.

The technical instruction for barrier masks provides common guidelines for quality and security. It is a great tool for manufacturers in the acutely arisen situation where many people are expected to use masks and where we may risk a shortage of the CE marked single-use masks.

The European Standard CWA 17553 for barrier masks is based on a French standard as in France barrier masks have been part of the street scene for quite some time now. The instruction can be downloaded for free via the below link:

Please note, that textile masks must not be imported, sold or marketed as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or medical face masks (CE).

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