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Maternity bras, briefs and tops

Maternity lingerie designed around a woman's comfort and well-being

As a woman's body changes during pregnancy and afterwards, we want her to feel supported and stylish. With that in mind, we've created a wide range of unique seamless maternity lingerie products consisting of bras, hipsters, briefs, tanktops and support belts.

Luxury material, great design

One of the reasons that it feels so good wearing our seamless maternity lingerie is the material we use. We've developed a special blend of polyamide and elastane to give our clothes a silky feel and attractive appearance. The polyamide provides a soft, smooth finish, while the elastane ensures optimal support and fit. The result is a series of breathable, quick-drying maternity products that adapt to the body's changing shape.

Stylish and practical maternity lingerie 

We've researched extensively and work closely with breastfeeding women and mothers-to-be to provide comfortable and functional maternity lingerie. There are many reasons to choose our products, but you can always be sure that our products have:  

  • A smooth, seamless design that fits perfectly
  • Stylish good looks, moulded to suit your body  
  • No hard underwires
  • Four flexible sizes 

All our maternity lingerie products are Oeko-Tex certified

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Our range of pregnancy products is designed to suit the expectant mother during her pregnancy. All products provide perfect fit, unique functionality, stylish good looks and a smooth, seamless design.

During a pregnancy, the body changes, and there is a need to feel supported as well as stylish. With this in mind, we have created a unique and wide range of nursing and pregnancy bras, hipsters, briefs, tanktops and support belts. Our pregnancy collection is designed to work in harmony with the pregnant woman's body and outfit, so that she can wear what she wants and feel great underneath, all day and every day.

The Cantaloop collection has been expertly tested in close cooperation with pregnant women and new mothers.


All our nursing products are with adjustable straps and feature a drop-cup system that is easy to open and close with one hand and facilitates discreet, undisturbed breastfeeding.

We have designed our adjustable nursing bras to provide optimum comfort and support when breastfeeding. The bras are made of super-soft microfibre material that will not only adjust to the changing breast, but are also very quick-drying and breathable.

The Cantaloop nursing bras are designed to fit perfectly right all the way through, even if a woman chooses to wear it in her pregnancy, and through to nursing her baby. Thanks to our innovative fabric technology, no fitting is required. With Cantaloop, you can simply pop into a store or go online, check which size is needed on the clear chart and buy it safe in the knowledge that it will fit perfectly.

The Cantaloop nursing bras will adapt to the changing breast size. During breastfeeding, each breast expands and subsides independently up to two cup sizes as the milk fills and the baby feeds. This ability to adapt to suit the changing body means there is no need to buy different bras for before and after birth and the Cantaloop bra always gives a perfect fit during nursing.

The design is convenient and practical, as well as enjoyable to wear. The bras feature a drop-cup system that is easy to open and close with one hand and facilitates discreet, undisturbed breastfeeding. 

The nursing bras have no seams to irritate sensitive skin and thanks to the strong, yet soft and elasticated material, just four cantaloop sizes will fit more than 95% of all bust dimensions, offering excellent support without the need for underwiring or stiff fabrics 


The C-Section Briefs are developed to help new mothers recover comfortably after a C-section. The briefs provide abdominal support and light compression that will help to control swelling after surgery and hold a dressing in place.

The C-Section Briefs offer comfort and support without a catch. They are designed to be worn right after a Caesarian operation (note: as with any medical product, always consult your obstetrician or midwife before use.).

The trick is an ultra smooth panel located directly over the site of the incision. This panel is made in a  soft fabric that prevents the briefs from catching on any stitches, staples or beads used to close the wound, and the breathable fabric further allows air to circulate around the wound promoting quick healing.

The C-Section briefs have a comfortable soft waistband that is higher than regular briefs to stay clear of the Caesarian operation site. 


Thanks to the in-woven targeted compression zones, the Cantaloop shapewear only holds you in where needed. It gives you an improved silhouette, while letting you remain comfortable all day, and it will help you feel instantly slimmer and more confident.

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