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BREE (ART.NO. 3831)


The Bree has been designed specifically for postsurgical use. The two rows of fasteners and adjustable shoulder straps means you can adjust the fit exactly as you wish and the clever 4-way stretch fabric adds to the comfort. The Bree bra provides unique seamless weave and weft seamless technology in the production of the bra. This unique seamless design helps to stabilise cosmetic implants and larger breasts.

The bra has compression zones built into the design to give the correct support. The seamless design ensures no pressure is exerted on the wound and scar area. Morever, with the Bree we want the users to feel they are wearing a bra which is both functional, comfortable and affordable. Another key distinguishing feature of this truly unique bra is the fact that it also provides implant stabilisation as a part of this product adding to the comfort and sense of security of the wearer. 



ZoneTech Bree




The already mentioned unique qualities which are only found in high-performance medical garments from Tytex we also revolutionized the sizing process. So with the Bree you only need five sizes in stock to cover the 26-48 in/65-120 cm band and AA-E cup size. This makes the bra not only outstanding but also affordable.



Fixate and support the breasts and protect wound and scar following breast surgery. Fixate bandages or other medical devices following breast surgery.



Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift (mastopexy), implant removal and replacement surgery (capsulectomy), mastectomy, lumpectomy.



If you have any questions regarding use and correct fitting, please consult your doctor or nurse. Make sure that any bandages and/or drainage tubes underneath the bra are placed correctly to avoid pressure points and/or obstructed flow from the drainage tubes. For breast augmentation, a stabilizer band for breast implants may also be required. Consult your doctor or surgeon before use. Always follow the surgeon’s recommendations. The bra must be removed during radiotherapy, as it contains metal parts. If any unexpected discomfort, wound irritation or similar occurs, please consult your doctor or nurse.

This product is protected in the EU by Registered Community Design. US Design Patent Pending.


Support / compression zones
The bra provides the necessary compression/fixation exactly where needed.

Skin friendly and comfortable to wear, as there is no moisture build-up
  4-way stretch 
The material will adjust naturally along with the wearer's body contours. Extremely important due to post-surgical swelling and deswelling.
For maximum skin friendliness. Prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.
  Fully openable 
For easy application and post-op inspection of wounds.
  Latex free
To prevent skin irritation. Safe for patient and caregiver.


Recommended sizes

Always measure yourself to find the right size. See how to in our size guide.

NOTE: Please do not compare the sizes of the Carefix bras to the sizes of ordinary bras. Since the purpose of the Carefix post op bras is to provide extraordinary support and compression, they have to be tight fitting and may seem small.

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