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Carefix bra size guide

The right size is important!

The seamless Carefix post surgical bras provide support and compression to reduce post surgical swelling and minimize the accumulation of blood and fluid. It promotes the healing process and balances the surgical result with comfort for the users. To retrieve the full benefit of the bra, it is important that the right size and model are selected.

Designed to cover all sizes

The 4-way stretch material of the Carefix bras will ensure optimum support, comfort and fit throughout the entire post op recovery. The 4-way stretch material provides superior expansion and contraction ability, enabling the bra to fit multiple sizes. This is not the case with bras made of a more numb (non-expansive) material. If the surgical site is swollen the bra will expand accordingly, and when the swelling subsides, the material will contract and the bra will once again fit the size of the breast optimally. This leaves the compression level intact and ensures high support and comfort for the patient.

Carefix post-op bra size guide video

Carefix bras - how to measure

Use the size guide below to find the right size*

(Download size guide folder)

  1. Measure around your body, just under your breast (Band Size)
  2. Measure around your body, at the fullest part of the breast (Bust Size)
  3. The difference between the Band Size and the Bust Size shows your Cup Size, example:

    (Bust Size - Band Size = Cup size)
    Cm 95 - 80 = 15 cm, i.e. Cup B
    In 38 - 32 = 6 in, i.e. Cup B

    10 - 12 cm / 4.0 - 4.7 in = Cup AA
    12 - 14 cm / 4.7 - 5.5 in = Cup A
    14 - 16 cm / 5.5 - 6.3 in = Cup B
    16 - 18 cm / 6.3 - 7.1 in = Cup C
    18 - 20 cm / 7.1 - 7.9 in = Cup D
    20 - 22 cm / 7.9 - 8.7 in = Cup E
    22 - 24 cm / 8.7 - 9.4 in = Cup F

    Measurement method according to EN 13402-3:2017
  4. To find your bra size, use the Band Size and the Cup Size. If your Band Size is 80 cm/32 in and your Cup Size is B, use the Carefix size chart to find the corresponding size (size M in the chart below).

Due to possible post surgical swelling and edema, you will most likely need to go 1-2 sizes up compared to your normal bra size. For more compression go down one size and for less compression go up one size. Important! Always measure yourself to find the right size!

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