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Post-surgical bras

Seamless post-surgical bras for maximum support and comfortable healing

The Carefix post-surgical bras are ideal for post-operative use, offering women support and freedom of movement without restricting or irritating sensitive tissue.

The integrated support and compression zones (Tytex ZoneTech®) in the post-surgical bras are designed to help reduce the risk of edema and post-surgical complications, supporting the breast and scar areas while keeping wound irritation to a minimum.

Carefix post-surgical bras feature

  • 4-WAY STRETCH The material will adjust to the operated breast by expanding and contracting accordingly, thereby providing optimum compression and comfort, while providing the patient with maximum comfort
  • COMPRESSION/SUPPORT ZONES that help promote the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN which provides maximum skin-friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and scar. When we say seamless, we mean seamless. The Carefix post-surgical bras are 100% seamlessly knitted, meaning no seams in the sides and no seams between the under bust band and the cup. The Carefix post-surgical bras are the only seamless post-surgical bras on the market that have this.

In order to easily identify which post-surgical bra to apply, we have categorized our post-surgical bras according to the level of compression they offer, where 5 is the highest level and 1 the lowest level of compression.

Compression levels are based on recommended sizing. A higher level of compression can be obtained by choosing a smaller size. A lower level of compression can be obtained by choosing a larger size.


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Post op bras

Our post-op bras are for the time immediately after breast surgery. These seamless bras can be opened from the front for ready access by both the patient and nursing staff, permitting easy examination and care of the surgical site.

Comfort Bras

Our Comfort bras are a line of more pull-on bras and a camisole version, as well as a bra (Bea) with front opening. All are suitable after breast surgery, however, the pull-on models only when full arm movement has been regained.

Complementary products


20. February 2018 Malaria treatment funded by Tytex sponsorship

We see it as our duty to help where needed and since 2016 Tytex has been sponsoring the Danish organisation Eventure in Zambia with an annual amount. We have specifically asked that our contribution is used for a medical purpose as this is in line with our philosophy of “Making healthcare more human”. Hence our contribution covers the pupils’ malaria treatment - and it is a real pleasure to see how big a difference this had made for the young people receiving the treatment.

19. February 2018 ASCN guidelines on parastomal hernia

The British Association of Stoma Care Nurses (ASCN) has recently settled evidence based clinical guidelines for parastomal hernia prevention and management (The British Journal of Nursing, December 2017). Read extracts of the guidelines here.

25. September 2017 Bronze award to Cantaloop

We did it again! The Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt. has just won bronze in this year's Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards in the catogory "Clothing - Maternity/Nursing Lingerie". This is the 7th parents-driven award for Cantaloop - and another proof of the outstanding qualities of the Cantaloop brand.

3. August 2017 Site tour at Tytex Slovakia

Take an on-site trip around Tytex's factory in Slovakia and see how our highly skilled work force and extensive production equipment execute customers' orders for highest quality within medical fixation garments.

5. July 2017 Corsinel honoured at "Beyond Icons" exhibition

We are very proud! Our great Corsinel Female pant, designed and developed back in 2004, has been chosen for display at the "Beyond Icons" exhibition in celebration of Design School Kolding's 50th anniversary. Good design really is timeless and crucial in our business.

3. July 2017 Inspiration, Innovation, Growth

Being the market leaders within fixation briefs for incontinence use, we have a profound market knowledge, experience and expertise for the benefit of our partners. Have a look at our new video, explaining how we make your continence business fit for the future.

10. April 2017 INDEX17: Thank you for visiting

A busy INDEX17 fair in Geneva is now over - and with great success! It turns out that this year's event was the most successful ever.

30. March 2017 Meet us at INDEX17

Meet and greet the Tytex Continence Care crew at the INDEX fair in Geneva 4 to 7 April and let us introduce you to the 3 great steps of our Inspiration.Innovation.Growth process.

2. February 2017 Great new Corsinel products

We have great pleasure in introducing the latest new additions to our Corsinel Ostomy and Support Garment portfolio. The new additions ensure that the Corsinel range provides the most comprehensive coverage of compression and support available today.

31. January 2017 OEKO-TEX logo in new design

OEKO-TEX® will be 25 years old in 2017 and this January the textile industry will see the complete roll out of a new cohesive OEKO-TEX® branding strategy, see press release...

12. August 2016 Welcome to Lisa - newcomer to the Carefix post-op bras

Please welcome the latest addition to the Carefix range of seamless post-op bras: Lisa. The Lisa bra resembles our Carefix Sophia bra a bit and has the same good benefits, but this new compression bra has integrated cups and is specially designed for lumpectomy.

30. June 2016 Corsinel to be the Tytex ostomy brand

Time for a brand clean-up! For quite some time, our ostomy products have been marketed in a mix between Carefix and Corsinel. To be able to do a more targeted and clear communication of both brands, we have decided to separate Corsinel completely from Carefix.

6. January 2016 New Instruction video: How to cut a hole in the Corsinel Panel Belt

To further facilitate the use of our Corsinel Belt with Panel. launched a year ago, we are introducing a "How-To" video that in a clear manner shows how easy the hole is cut.

6. November 2015 Carefix introduces new augmentation bra for a perfect result – the Ava bra

The new member of the Carefix® range of post-op bras - the Ava bra – elegantly shapes the breast after surgery, while still providing the patient with a feminine look and a comfortable feeling.

9. October 2015 Cantaloop 2016 News

Inspired by the colourful design and patterns in our Asian markets, we have taken yet another step away from the single-coloured base and are introducing a joyful and lively design in our new Cantaloop 2016 styles.

2. October 2015 Kind+Jugend 2015 - great Cantaloop days

For the 7th time, we welcomed new as well as current friends of Cantaloop at our stand at the Kind+Jugend Tradeshow in Cologne - the largest fair in Europe for equipment and accessories for baby, toddler and mum. Large retailers, distributors and brands from all over the world attend – both as visitors and exhibitors. This year it took place 10 - 13 September.

31. July 2015 First Cantaloop Flagship Store opened in Nanjing

On Saturday 13 June the very first Cantaloop Flagship Store was opened in Nanjing, China. The store is initiated and run by our dedicated Chinese distributor, Shinsson Group, who plan to open more stores of this kind in other large Chinese cities.

19. May 2015 New CEO at Tytex

Today the Board of Directors announced the new CEO of Tytex A/S, Mr. Jan Dam. Mr. Jan Dam takes over the position after Mr. Mogens Rüdiger, who has left Tytex after four years of dedicated work. During Mr. Rüdiger’s leadership, the profitability of Tytex has increased and a number of important changes have been made to prepare Tytex for the future.

30. April 2015 Expolife International 2015

In the days of 16 -18 April EXPOLIFE INTERNATIONAL took place for the 10th time. EXPOLIFE is a German trade show for “Sanitätshäuser” (Medical Supply Stores) that is held every 2nd year.

4. February 2015 Cantaloop 2015 collection launched

With the Cantaloop 2015 we have given our line of Cantaloop products a brush-up. We present a much improved assortment with many great product features and in a lovely design with a feminine and soft touch.

5. December 2014 CareFix bras breakthrough in the US

Cedars-Sinai saves $70,000 on $100,000 spend in post-oprative bra conversion. It’s always a challenge for hospitals to offer patients the optimum service required for the best recovery, whilst at the same time keeping costs to a minimum. Choosing the right partner often may be the key to this.

30. October 2014 SAFEHIP and CareFix at IFAS 2014

In October, Tytex had the pleasure of revisiting IFAS in Zurich for the second time. IFAS is the Swiss trade show for medical and health products, which takes place every second year. Tytex joined the booth with our Swiss distributor, a major supplier to hospitals and medical supply stores in Switzerland.

30. October 2014 NEW: Corsinel Belt w/Panel

Some users require a hole in the stoma belt, some don't. Traditionally, products have had to be ordered with a hole in advance - those days are over. With the Corsinel Belt with Panel, we offer a 2-in-1 solution, as this new belt is equally effective whether there is a hole or not.

25. September 2014 Kind+Jugend 2014 - well done Cantaloop!

For the 6th year running, we were present at the Kind+Jugend Tradeshow in Cologne - the largest fair in Europe for equipment and accessories for baby, toddler and mum. Large retailers, distributors and brands from all over the world attend – some as visitors, others as exhibitors.

26. August 2014 Carefix at DGPRÄC 2014 in Munich

This year Carefix will be present at DGPRÄC 2014 in Munich where we will show the entire range of Carefix post-surgical bras and compression garments. Special highlight will be the launch of the new Sophia bra. Our stand no. is 49.

26. August 2014 Cantaloop at Kind+Jugend 2014

Again this year, Tytex will be present at the Kind+Jugend Tradeshow in Cologne, showcasing our Maternity brand, Cantaloop. The show takes place from 11 to 14 September 2014.

25. August 2014 New Post-Op Bra: Sophia

We have added yet another superior bra to our range of post-op bras: The Sophia compression bra/surgical vest.

29. April 2014 Tytex expands factory in Slovakia

Tytex to consolidate production and expand its factory in Slovakia Tytex has decided to implement a major capacity expansion at its factory in Slovakia. Since it was established in 2001, Tytex Slovakia s.r.o. has been responsible for the majority of Tytex's total production, and the coming expansion will see the entire Tytex production housed in one factory.

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