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7 November 2019

Focus on breast cancer surgeries: Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery

Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery has emerged as a third and more aesthetic option between conventional/standard breast conserving surgery and mastectomy. Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery includes two fundamentally different approaches: Volume replacement and volume displacement.

27 August 2019

Focus on breast cancer surgeries: Oncoplastic surgery

Oncoplastic surgery represents the integration of plastic surgery techniques into breast cancer surgery to achieve aesthetic and cosmetic results, enhancing quality of life of the patients, without compromising control of disease. In this relatively new surgical specialty, the woman as an individual is treated, not just the cancer. With oncoplastic surgery, the cancer is removed and the cosmetic reconstruction is performed during the same procedure – which is a whole new approach to treating breast cancer.

27 August 2018

Function is king, feminine apperance is queen

A post-op bra that supports and enhances the surgical outcome, speeds up the healing process and offers comfortable recovery is a must after breast cancer surgery. And while the function of a post-op bra is crucial, the aesthetic look of the bra must not be overlooked, as this contributes to higher compliance and enhances the women’s feeling of “normality”.

21 March 2018

4-way stretch vs. moulded cups

We often get the question why a post-op bra made in 4-way stretch material is preferred over a post-op bra with moulded cups. The thought behind the question is that if a moulded cup is pre-formed to fit a newly operated breast, surely this must feel much better and more comfortable as well as provide better care than a cup that is tight-fitting and compressive? The answer is no – for several reasons.

30 January 2019

The importance of compression

It’s a fact that targeted compression on wound/scar tissue and post-surgical swollen tissue will advance the post-surgical healing process, reduce the infection risk and help achieve nicer scarring. Post-surgical bras from Tytex are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones knitted into the products.

24 April 2019

Surgical incision lines

In any type of breast surgery, one of the surgeons’ most important responsibilities is to make sure that the result is both aesthetic and appealing. Another important aspect is securing that the recovery period becomes as safe and comfortable for the woman as possible. In both instances the type of bra used post-surgery plays a very important role.

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