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Corsinel: Parastomal hernia maximum compression and support garments

Discreet and comfortable management of hernia

Our hernia support underwear and belts are designed to provide all over support for users with a parastomal hernia or other abdominal hernias. The products are designed with optimum comfort and discretion in mind. We know that quality of life can be significantly enhanced by making sure that a hernia is supported and properly managed, making daily and physical activities easier, whilst providing discretion and reduction of lopsided feeling.

Using our range of products for parastomal hernia  management, users will feel comfortable and relieved at the same time. 

Hernia support garments with great features

All our hernia support garments have these great features:

  • High support to relieve existing hernia
  • Fixate and support ostomy pouch
  • Increase mobility and assists physical activity
  • Create a more even appearance

Hernia support garments with maximum support

Corsinel maximum support underwear 

The Corsinel range of underwear for hernia support is designed like normal underwear and is comfortable and discreet to use. We offer female and male models in low and high versions. All models feature a silicone Anti-Roll pattern at the waistband to prevent the band from rolling. The upper part of the Corsinel hernia support underwear gives support to the hernia, while the lower part of the underwear is in a soft material that makes it easy to pull the underwear on and off. The underwear is very breathable and comfortable to wear (and stays in place). See the full range of maximum support underwear further down.

Corsinel maximum support belts/tubes

The Corsinel hernia support belts are designed with high comfort and discretion in mind. The range of Corsinel belts and tubes are available in more heights and colours, see the entire range further down. The garments all feature a silicone Anti-Roll pattern at the top and bottom band to prevent the belts from rolling. The adjustable belt has an easy-to-apply pocket and a wide hook and loop for support level adjustment. The material is air and moisture permeable for highest possible comfort.

Corsinel Belt with Panel

Some users require a hole in the stoma belt, some don't. Traditionally, products have had to be ordered with a hole in advance - those days are over. With the Corsinel Belt with Panel, we offer a 2-in-1 solution, as this new belt is equally effective whether there is a hole or not. Here is a "How-To" video showing how easy the hole is made:

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