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StomaSafe Plus

Ostomy Support Belt

Soft and stretchy garment with inner pocket for safe retention of all types of ostomy pouches and drainage bags.

  • Fixates the ostomy pouch, helping the patient to feel secure 
  • Two-layer system for no contact between skin and pouch
  • Seamless design for optimum skin friendliness 
  • Smooth and supportive fit
  • Pouch-cover function that helps reduce content noise
  • Provides extra security during physical activity
  • Washable
  • Does not contain latex

Available in white, black, and begie.


Measurement at the widest abdominal circumference 

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Morten Spaabæk Dippel
48 years old, from Denmark

When I use StomaSafe the ostomy pouch is kept in place without any danger of it moving around while I am active.

Corsinel StomaSafe Plus, white

Corsinel StomaSafe Plus, black

Corsinel StomaSafe Plus, beige

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