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Corsinel StomaSafe: Ostomy garments for light support

Ostomy belt for an active everyday life

An ostomy belt will provide safe retention of all types of ostomy pouches, enabling the user to live an active life. The belt makes the user feel confident and secure, knowing that the pouch will stay in position all day.

Our ostomy belt comes in two versions: StomaSafe Classic and StomaSafe Plus with the following great features:

  • Two-layer system with a hole for the pouch in the inner layer
  • For light to moderate sport activity level
  • Helps reduce noise from pouch
  • Safe retention of ostomy bag

Both ostomy belts can be worn day and night; however, the StomaSafe Plus is especially suitable for an active life or when doing sports. It is designed in soft microfiber to ensure highest possible comfort and the material is air and moisture permeable, so that it keeps the skin dry and allows the skin to breathe. The StomaSafe Classic ostomy belt is designed in an elasticated material that provides safe retention of the stoma pouch and it is especially suitable when only light support is needed for the pouch, e.g. during sleep. 

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