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Postnatal Briefs (Art. no. 3246)

Postnatal briefs are an excellent choice for the period of after-birth bleeding

Safe protection and a great feeling of comfort is essential to the new mom during the after-birth bleeding period, where pads in different and often large sizes will be required.

Most likely the new mum does not have underwear that will fit a large-sized pad and regular underwear will often not offer the discreet and safe protection required for the woman to feel secure doing normal activities.

Most women would also like to avoid using their usual underwear as it may be damaged if leakage occurs.

Good for the environment

A good pad fixation is crucial to have the pad perform optimally. The pad may be excellent, but if it is fixated inappropriately, it will displace and leakage will occur. Our postnatal briefs have so called fixation zones, which are areas in the briefs with special knitting that help fixate the pad the right way so that it stays in place.

Correct and safe fixation of the pad also often means that the size of the pad most likely can be reduced which not only contributes to improved discretion and well-being of the mother, but smaller pads and fewer changes also mean less waste and environmental impact.


97% Polyester, 3% Elastane


Support zones

The postnatal briefs have knitted-in fixation zones that help keep the pad fixated optimally and hence reduce risk of leakage and optimize comfort and discretion.


The material is breathable which makes the briefs skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, as there is no moisture build-up

4-way stretch

The material will adjust to the pad and the body contour belly which improves discretion and enhances security.


Increases comfort as irritating pressure marks and a “chafing” sensation from seams are avoided.

Latex free

For optimal skin-friendliness. The product is safe to use.

Postnatal Briefs

Recommended sizes

Measure your hips at the widest part as indicated in the drawing.

In the size table below, you can find the panty size to fit your hip measurement.


     Carefix Postnatal Briefs sizing chart

Available colors

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