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C-Section Briefs (Art. no. 3347)

C-Section briefs contribute to comfortable recovery after a Caesarean

The C-Section briefs are developed to help new mothers recover comfortably after a C-section. The briefs provide abdominal support and light compression. In general compression garments are designed to help control swelling after surgery as well as hold a dressing in place.

The C-Section briefs offer comfort and support without a catch. They are designed to be worn right after a Caesarian operation (note: always consult your obstetrician or midwife before use).

Silky and smooth C-Satin Panel

The trick is an ultra smooth knitted-in panel located directly over the site of the incision. This panel is made in a  soft fabric that prevents the briefs from catching on any stitches, staples or beads used to close the wound.

The C-Section briefs have a comfortable soft waistband that is higher than regular briefs to stay clear of the Caesarian operation site. 

The C-Section briefs are made from a soft and comfortable, yet highly supportive fabric thanks to the innovative technology behind the material and the way it is made. The unique C-Satin panel located directly over the incision is silky smooth and will not catch on any stitches, staples or beads. The waist is higher to increase comfort and avoid “conflict” with the scar which is normally just below your 'bikini line'.

The wide gusset will discreetly hold a maternity pad in place if required in the first few weeks after birth.

Made from safe, non-irritating yarns.


91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane


Support zones

The C-section briefs have knitted-in support zones to ensure the right compression at the right places.


The material is breathable which makes it skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, as there is no moisture build-up.

4-way stretch

The material will adjust naturally to the body contour which is very important to maintain comfort and support intact.


There are no seams in critical places which ensures maximum skin friendliness and comfort. Irritating pressure marks and a “chafing” sensation from seams are avoided.

Latex free

For optimal skin-friendliness. The product is safe to use.

Recommended sizes

Measure your hips at the widest part as indicated in the drawing.

In the size table below, you can find the panty/belt size to fit your hip measurement.


     Carefix C-section briefs sizing chart

Available colors

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