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Maternity underwear with focus on comfort and function

Our maternity underwear offers seamless and soft comfort for the  pregnancy and after birth period.

The Maternity Care products have been carefully designed with an understanding of the female body and the body changes and related challenges women have to deal with during pregnancy and in the postnatal period 

Our maternity underwear lives up to our principle of being extremely comfortable and very functional at the same time.

The products are manufactured in a special blend of polyamide (or polyester) and elastane to give them a silky feel and attractive appearance.

The polyamide provides a soft, smooth finish, while the elastane ensures optimal support and fit. The result is breathable, quick-drying products that adapt to the body’s changing shape, by expanding and contracting.

Support during pregnancy

With the extreme body changes during pregnancy comes a need to feel supported. A pregnancy support belt is a great invention when the belly begins to feel heavy and dragging, maybe even causing back pain and sour muscles.

Our pregnancy support belt is designed to work in harmony with the pregnant woman's body - and even her outfit, as it is so discreet underneath her clothes that she can wear what she wants and feel great, all day and every day.

The pregnancy support belt has been tested in close cooperation with pregnant women.

Pregnancy support belt

During the last months of pregnancy, many women will feel a need for extra support and relief of the belly. Our pregnancy support belt not only provides this support, but will also expand with the growing belly, always offering the right level of support.

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Post-Natal care is important 

Giving birth is an outstanding experience, however, it also presents the body with special challenges, and it is important that the new mum is taken good care of immediately after.

We have designed two products that will help new mothers through the after-birth period: C-section briefs for a comfortable recovery after a C-section and postnatal briefs for the period of after-birth bleeding.


C-section briefs

The C-section briefs are developed to help new mothers recover comfortably after a C-section. The briefs have a C-Satin Panel located directly over the incision. The panel is silky smooth and will not catch on any stitches, staples or beads. At the same time, the briefs provide abdominal support and light compression that will help to control swelling after surgery and hold a dressing in place.

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Postnatal briefs

Postnatal briefs are an excellent choice for the period of after-birth bleeding. They discreetly and safely fixates the pad, no matter the pad size, as most likely the new mom does not have the underwear that fits a large-sized pad. 

The briefs offer leakage-secure and safe protection resulting in a great feeling of comfort and safety during this period of time. Furthermore, postnatal briefs are also preferred to avoid damaging one’s normal underwear in case of leakage.

They are in a seamless design so that they both look and feel much nicer than the mesh pant types most hospitals hand out.

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