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With this little animation we show you how SAFEHIP® works and why it makes sense to use a hip protector.

What is the purpose of the animation?

The animation is developed to help convince decision makers, caregivers and the users that the use of a hip protector does make a difference when it comes to prevention of hip fractures.

The tone is bright and the message  is presented in a clear and matter-of-fact way, yet with a twinkle in the eye.

What does it show?

The animation has two parts. Part 1 is a description of the reasons and risk factors for a fall and consequent. Part 2 presents the SAFEHIP universe and products.

The first part is pure animation, whereas part 2 also contains real film and photos. By using animated figures in Part 1 the messages underline the speak effectively and the look becomes more universal. Furthermore, animation makes it ”easier” to explain sensitive subjects without making a scare campaign.

Who is the audience?

The target groups of the animation are:

  • Users
  • Relatives
  • Caregivers
  • Nurses

and hence the tone and the wording is kept non-professional.

We suggest that the animation is distributed to municipalities, nursing homes, home care administration and to retail shops carrying SAFEHIP. It is also perfect for training of sales staff.

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