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SAFEHIP Technology

Hip protectors with focus on compliance and comfort 

SAFEHIP hip protector with the horseshoe-shaped shield represents the newest generation of hip protectors with special focus on compliance.  

The SAFEHIP hip protectors are based on impact energy dispersion and impact energy absorption. In the event of a fall on the hip, the SAFEHIP hip protector disperses the energy of the impact away from the greater trochanter (hip bone). This means that the energy from the fall is absorbed by the soft tissue and the muscles around the femoral neck, thereby reducing the risk of a hip fracture.

The horseshoe design of the shield provides optimal protection together with excellent compliance. Clinical studies carried out in Norwegian nursing homes show that the SAFEHIP hip protector is an excellent choice for hip fracture reduction.

Documented test results from a Swiss research institute for material science and technology, EMPA, show that moisture and heat are transported away from the skin, meaning that SAFEHIP with soft shield is not as warm as other generic products with soft pads. 

SAFEHIP hip protectors are CE marked.

Most clinically tested hip protector in the world

Our work and products are based on intensive research and development with constant focus on user needs.

One of the leading hip protectors, SAFEHIP has been tested on more than 7,000 people in a long series of clinical trials in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Japan and Australia.

The SAFEHIP products are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

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