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BestFit Guide

The Tytex BestFit™ Guide helps users get the best out of any pad

Finding the right briefs to keep a pad in place only makes good sense – and it keeps customers from ordering products with unneeded protection and holds their costs down. Of course, it also makes sound ergonomic sense to find the right underwear to keep the pad in place, both during the day and at night.

The guide goes beyond leakage concerns to optimize user confidence and comfort and reduce caregiver workload, since the right choice will minimize soiled clothing and the number of pad changes.

With the Tytex BestFit Guide, we’ve made it easy to identify the briefs that are best suited to the user’s mobility level and degree of incontinence. The result: the best solution for all involved.

The Tytex BestFit™ Guide




light to medium incontinence, low mobility


light to heavy incontinence, low to full mobility


medium to heavy incontinence, medium to full mobility


all incontinence levels

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