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Incontinence pants

Why are the right incontinence pants important?

All our continence briefs are designed to solve specific needs, depending on gender, user mobility and the degree of incontinence. Our main focus is making certain that the incontinence pants and the pad fit well together, so that the user can rest assured that the incontinence underpants will keep the pad in place as securely as possible 

Incontinence creates many difficulties for people who suffer from it – but with the right choice of incontinence pants, they can lead a normal life without worrying about leakage. The right solution means that the pad is fixated securely, letting the user stay active, without having to worry about leakage or feeling uncomfortable.

Incontinence pants with optimal performance

We have always worked closely with healthcare professionals and users to develop more effective incontinence pant solutions that also address patient needs with respect and understanding. As a result, our incontinence pants not only work extremely well at managing incontinence – they’re also comfortable, discreet and easy to take care of.

Each model of our incontinence pants is specially designed to fit the level of incontinence they are intended for and due to our many years of expertise and experience, we know exactly where and how the pants must fixate to work optimally with the pad used.

To help users and caregivers choose the right incontinence pants product, we have developed the BestFit Guide.

Incontinence pants Economy (Category A)
Economy (Category A)

Incontinence pants Allround (Category B)
Allround (Category B)

Incontinence pants Soft Support (Category C)
Soft Support (Category C)

Incontinence pants Cotton Care (Category D)
Cotton Care (Category D)

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