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10. April 2018

Often the patients ask to purchase an additional bra

At the Aros Private Hospital we conduct many different types of surgeries on different types of patients. We have tried the Ava bra for post-op use and the bra has proven to be able to cover most types. The Ava bra distinguishes itself in two significant areas: It completes its function to perfection and It is very comfortable for the patient to use

The types of surgeries we conduct are i.a. implant surgery, breast lift, breast reduction, circular upper body lift and breast reconstruction with flap. Due to the compliance of the bra material, the Ava bra offers the patient both sufficient support and compression.

The possibility of adjusting the length of the shoulder strap allows for both supporting a lift (short straps) as well as letting the breast rest in the cup (long straps).

The front closure and the three small hook-and-eyes behind the zipper ensures the newly operated patient improved comfort and security when applying and removing the bra. The seamless concept prevents post-surgical discomfort and it prevents the edges from cutting into the skin.

The bra is so popular among our patients that quite often theys will ask for additional purchase of a second bra.

See Ava bra here

Often the patients ask to purchase an additional bra

from Denmark

Nurse at the Aros Private Hospital

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