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test: Tytex expands factory in Slovakia
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29 April 2014

Tytex expands factory in Slovakia

Tytex to consolidate production and expand its factory in Slovakia

Tytex has decided to implement a major capacity expansion at its factory in Slovakia. Since it was established in 2001, Tytex Slovakia s.r.o. has been responsible for the majority of Tytex's total production, and the coming expansion will see the entire Tytex production housed in one factory. The consolidation means significant efficiency improvements as well as shorter delivery times to Tytex's most important markets.

At the same time, the decision has been made to close the Tytex factory in Thailand. Over the past few years, the factory has increasingly supplied incontinence briefs for the Asian market. Unfortunately, the Asian market has developed slower than expected, and it has thus not been economically justifiable to continue production in Thailand. Those Tytex customers with deliveries from the Thailand factory have been informed of the decision, and production will be transferred to Tytex's factory in Slovakia over the coming months.

Please contact CEO, Mogens Rüdiger for further information.
Tel. +45 9660 4207 / +45 4040 9470

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