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26 March 2019

Carefix Post-Op Bra Compendium

This compendium constitutes our latest tool within our post-op bra concept. It provides a comprehensive explanation of all the important elements forming our concept, which is equally important to our Private Label and our Tytex Brand partners.

The compendium comprises the following content:

  1. Presentation and explanation of the key benefits of Tytex/Carefix post-op bras: 
    Targeted compression, 4-way stretch, seamless knitting and fact-based sizing.
    Each of the 4 key benefits are explained in detail in the compendium, a chapter per benefit.
  2. Compression
    How we work with compression at Tytex, including a thorough explanation of the compression zones in every single Carefix bra.
  3. 4-way stretch
    Comparison of a 4-way stretch material to a numb material.
  4. Seamless knitting 
    The importance of seamless knitting in post-op bras, obtained by tubular knitting technology. Comparison between a Carefix post-op bra and competing bras with seams.
  5. Sizing
    Explanation of our fact-based sizing concept followed by why the right size is important and how it is found.
  6. Patient pathways
    Presentation of our 4 patient pathways.


Download the compendium by clicking the image to the right.



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