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test: New Instruction video: How to cut a hole in the Corsinel Panel Belt
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6 January 2016

New Instruction video:

How to cut a hole in the Corsinel Panel Belt

To further facilitate the use of our Corsinel Belt with Panel. launched a year ago, we are introducing a "How-To" video that in a clear manner shows how easy the hole is cut.

The Corsinel Belt with Panel is a compression belt specially designed to support a parastomal hernia as a result of a stoma. The unique feature of the belt is the specially designed stabilizing front - a panel - which supports the area around the stoma and hernia. This front panel offers the opportunity to cut a hole to fit the individual stoma pouch, while containing the controlled compression of the stoma/hernia. A hole is recommended in situations where compression over the stoma pouch must be avoided due to leakage, output difficulties or other inconveniences. If no hole is required, the belt will help obtain a more stabilizing support.

With the belt comes a cutting form and a clear printed instruction on how to make the hole - which is now further supported by this instruction video.

Please contact Tytex Customer Service at or +45 9660 4200 for further information on the product.

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