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test: Introducing pre-dyed yarns
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15 December 2017

Introducing pre-dyed yarns for improved colour result and environmental footprint

With the switch from piece dyed products to products made in pre-dyed yarns, Tytex proves that high quality products and care for the environment are compatible. Having developed these new yarn types in close co-operation with our yarn suppliers, Tytex is one of the first medical textile manufacturers to offer this unique solution.

Colour-fast products and no colour difference 

Thanks to the new pre-dyed yarns the products become much more colour-fast, for instance during care handling. Another great advantage is that the colour will be 100% identical from batch to batch which ensures a uniform production and a nicer looking end product. The use of pre-dyed yarns also reduces the risk of colour difference between product and accessories, as we have now selected a standard range of accessories, that is fully aligned to the product colours. Furthermore, not having to do a subsequent dyeing of every single product speeds up the production process and reduces product development time.

Risk of size difference elininated  

An additional very important benefit when using pre-dyed yarns is that we eliminate possible size differences in the same product in different colours. Formerly, we have experienced differences in size between the same size in a white and a black product, simply due to the piece dyeing process. This size difference risk is completely eliminated with the pre-dyed yarns.

Positive environmental impact

The introduction of pre-dyed yarns also has a positive impact on both the work environment and the environment surrounding us. The environmental impact will be significantly reduced due to the elimination of chemicals, water and utility consumption otherwise required for the piece dyed process.


Time frame for switch

The switch to pre-dyed yarns will take place in a running process starting by second half of 2017 through first half of 2018. We will make sure to keep our customers updated on the progress. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to contact Kim Remin Ankjær for further information.

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Kim Remin Ankjær
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