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25 April 2019

Why are seamless cups in a post-surgical bra of particular importance when we talk about surgical incision lines? Many clinical experts, including breast care nurses, consider seamless cups in the bra a very positive feature. The reason for this is that the fabric in the cups must be smooth and not cause any friction on wound dressings, wounds or scars. A seamless fabric protects and cares for the post-surgical incision and the skin and does not cause any delayed wound healing, which would increase infection risk and pain. When we develop the Carefix post-op bras, we take the location of the surgical incision lines into consideration to ensure that all our bras meet the above criteria. The location of the incision lines vary a great deal, which is why we have a broad variety of bras to meet the specific criterion. #surgical #incisionlines #nurses #post-opbras #postsurgical

10 April 2019

Hip fractures: What are the future projections? In 1992, Cooper et al. reported that the global hip fracture incidence will increase dramatically from 1.26 million fractures to 6.26 million fractures by 2050. In 1997, Gullberg et al. supported the projected growth with global numbers up to 4.5 million by 2050. It has been more than 20 years, since both Cooper et al. and Gullberg et al. published study results about global hip fracture projections. Does recent and current literature support the results from back then? We have collected available data and projections for different regions and countries to throw a light on this. The short conclusion is that yes, new literature supports the fact the number of hip fractures will be rising. Click the link to read full article: #data #study #hipfractures #futureprojections #riseinhipfractures

26 March 2019

We just launched this new compendium on the Tytex/Carefix post-op bra concept. The compendium is a complete reference work on the four unique elements constituting our post-op bra concept: Targeted compression, 4-way stretch, seamless knitting and fact-based sizing - with particular focus on compression. Addressing both Private Label and Tytex Brand partners, this tool explains how by adjusting and finetuning these four elements, we are able to make unique post-op bra solutions for the aurgery in question. Read more on our website:

5 March 2019

New study relating to hip fracture prevention: Could a minute of exercise a day prevent osteoporosis? According to WHO diagnostic criteria, approximately 22 million women and 5.5 million men between 50-84 years of age are estimated to have osteoporosis in the EU. In USA, 44 million people suffer from either osteoporosis or low bone mass[1]. It is a serious condition that has a huge impact on the lives of the people suffering from it and therefore any new initiative that can contribute to either prevent the condition or minimize the impact of it is of great importance. Many actions can be taken to preserve bone health and prevent low bone density. Amongst them are sufficient intake of Calcium, exposure to sun light and resistance and weight bearing exercise. The contribution of physical activity to bone health is however poorly understood compared to other modifiable lifestyle risk factors such as diet, alcohol and smoking. That is why a team of scientists and researchers at Exeter and Leicester University, Great Britain, has investigated the impact of physical activity on bone health and published the results last year. Read more: #research #hip #hipfractureprevention #osteoporosis

28 February 2019

Is your company innovative and explorative enough to outcompete your competitors within Technical Textiles? Since 2009, the number of patents on medical devices have more than doubled. This suggests that companies realise that constant innovation and idea generation are crucial to become or stay innovative. Follow the three winning steps in the Tytex Technical Solutions concept and secure a good head start for your company #medicaldevices #technicaltextiles

18 February 2019

Compression and support zones in post-surgical bras are extremely important. It is a well-known fact that targeted compression on wound/scar tissue and post-surgical swollen tissue will advance the post-surgical healing process, reduce the infection risk and help achieve nicer scarring. Post-surgical bras from Tytex are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones knitted into the products. Based on our experience and medical know-how in the field, we know when compression and support respectively are required. We use this know-how every time we develop a new bra – be it a bra in our own Carefix brand or a Private Label bra. Read full article #knitting #compression #design #branding #scar #tissue #privatelabel #healing

5 February 2019

7 factors that determine the right height of the ostomy and hernia support garment. Our range of Corsinel ostomy and hernia support garments comprises more heights in the maximum support underwear, belts and tubes, and we are often asked when to recommend which height. Follow the link to find out, why the right height is important and get our recommendations on how to find the right height by using 7 simple factors: Hernia location, hernia size, height of torso, body shape, tightness of belt, location of edge band and comfort. #ostomy #hernia #height #sizing #ostomybelt #ostomytube

21 December 2018

In our effort to ensure that our garments have superior performance, we work closely with stoma care nurses, as they are the professional clinicians distributing advice for many people with ostomies and potentially also hernias. Recently, our Medical Product Manager interviewed a Danish Stoma Care Nurse with 9 years of experience in stoma and hernia management, which demonstrates her superior level of knowledge, making her statements reliable in every aspect of stoma and hernia management. The interview is about the functionality of support and compression belts and how this complies with the patients' individual needs. hashtag#functionality hashtag#ostomy hashtag#hernia hashtag#ostomycare hashtag#ostomybelt ¤ostomytube hashtag#ostomygarments hashtag#patientsneeds hashtag#supportandcompressiobbelts

9 November 2018

There are 10 good reasons to use a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery After surgery, optimal circumstances to obtain a speedy wound healing and a long lasting aesthetically fine result are important. and a regular bra or a tight fitting sports bra is simply not good enough to do the job. In this article, we give you 10 good reasons why we recommend a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery.

12 October 2018

A fall is always a bad thing – but new technology can help predict the fall The most common cause of injury in older adults is fall, which can create ongoing health problems. However, it’s usually after the fall that treatment and awareness follow. In a study, researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign, found that wearable devices with motion sensors can predict older participants’ risk of falling. #technology #consumerelectronics #research #sensors #medicine #injury #prediction

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