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20. September 2018

In an earlier post, we described the high impact an ostomy often has on a patient's life. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of an ostomy creation is hernia formation which is one of the main consequences of abdominal surgeries. Many of the concerns expressed by individuals with hernias are body image problems. The worries and fears include anxiety around how big the hernia will grow as well as uncertainty about the future in general. Some may also react with disgust and shock at the thought of having not only a stoma, but also a parastomal hernia, as this will be visible. Fortunately, there is much focus on how these concerns can be addressed. #design #surgery #bodyimage #hernia #abdominal

7. September 2018

Why is biomechanical testing of SAFEHIP® hip protectors important? We know for a fact that the shape of our Safehip horseshoe protector shields with the hole in the middle makes it challenging to explain and advocate for the advantage of this over the classic fully covering type of hip protector shields. In this context, it is important to know, how hip protectors attenuate force as this ability may prevent a hip fracture. We use biomechanical test to demonstrate this. The aim of the biomechanical tests is to prove exactly this – that by not covering the critical spot on the hip, the hip protector shield becomes more effective. Read this article to see how the efficiency of hip protectors are tested and how the different SAFEHIP® products managed the test. #hip #fracture #biomechanics

7. September 2018

Function is king, feminine appearance is queen. A post-op bra must support and enhance the surgical outcome, speed up the healing process and offer comfortable recovery after breast cancer surgery. And while the function of a post-op bra is crucial, the aesthetic look of the bra must not be overlooked, as this contributes to higher compliance and enhances the women’s feeling of “normality”. Better design increases compliance. We have this in mind, when we design our products for the Carefix post-op bra, so that our bras do not "only" fulfill the very important medical purpose, but also the woman's need for a both comfortable and nice-looking bra. Read full article hashtag#surgery hashtag#aesthetics hashtag#functionality hashtag#design

13. June 2018

We are hiring in the US!

31. May 2018

Thank you for your time at OTWorld Trade Show 2018 – the most important forum for innovation! OTWorld in Leipzig, that took place 15-18 may 2018, is the world’s largest and most important sector rendezvous for all players involved in treatments and care using modern orthopaedic aids. It is a pioneering and stimulating presentation of innovation and the leading trade show for a comprehensive overview of the global market for prosthetics and orthotics. We would like to thank all the companies that took the time to meet with us. It was a pleasure meeting you and exchanging ideas and experiences for future prospects. We are also happy for the positive feedback you gave our new Technical Textile Solutions concept - the new way for Tytex to deliver optimized supply chain, market expanding products and synergy releasing innovation paths. Our concept proved a success and strongly enhanced the outcome and actions to be taken. Over the next weeks and months Tytex will seek to seize the many opportunities on roll-goods/fabrics, limb size and body sized textile products. Please feel free to contact Key Account Manager, Frank Stærmose at or visit for more information on Tytex Technical Textile Solutions.

25. May 2018

TYTEX REGAINS AAA RATING We are proud to announce that Tytex has improved its credit rating from AA to AAA, thereby once again joining the 2.7% of the total Danish business world holding the AAA credit rating. The AAA rating is the highest and finest rating to be obtained in many countries and the largest credit rating brand in Scandinavia - globally renowned, used and respected. The rating indicates that the company holding it is a strong, well managed and firmly based corporation that can be trusted in business, that will also be around next year and that more over pays its bills in due time. The above signalling effect is the same almost no matter where in the world the fine AAA rating appears. Read more about Tytex here:

9. May 2018

The physical and psychological impacts of a stoma are huge - but they can be addressed! A severe concern expressed by many ostomates is the change of body image. The worries and fears include odour, noise, leakage, visibility of an appliance and perceived attractiveness to others as well as the feeling of being different. Some patients may also react with disgust and shock when waking up with a stoma, especially in case of an emergency surgery. Most of these concerns and impacts can be eased and some of them completely eliminated by the use of an ostomy belt.

20. April 2018

MARKET STUDY DENMARK Successful outcome of fall prevention project in Danish community with significant decline in fall rate. Fall-related admission of elderly to hospitals is on the rise. It’s a well known fact that elderly, who have already suffered a fall, have an increased risk of suffering more falls. In fact, the risk of suffering a second fall is doubled to tripled the year after the first fall. Between 3-10% of the falls cause bones to fracture and in 1-6% of bone fractures, a hip fracture is sustained. Based on the overall change in age demographics, fall-related admission to hospital for people aged 65+ is expected to increase by 100% in Denmark by the year 2040! To address the increase, the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Danish Society for Patient Safety initiated a project named “In safe hands”. The project has been running for five years and with much success. Read all about the positive Danish achievements here:

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