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9 November 2018

There are 10 good reasons to use a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery After surgery, optimal circumstances to obtain a speedy wound healing and a long lasting aesthetically fine result are important. and a regular bra or a tight fitting sports bra is simply not good enough to do the job. In this article, we give you 10 good reasons why we recommend a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery.

12 October 2018

A fall is always a bad thing – but new technology can help predict the fall The most common cause of injury in older adults is fall, which can create ongoing health problems. However, it’s usually after the fall that treatment and awareness follow. In a study, researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign, found that wearable devices with motion sensors can predict older participants’ risk of falling. #technology #consumerelectronics #research #sensors #medicine #injury #prediction

2 October 2018

OCTOBER 6TH 2018 IS WORLD OSTOMY DAY World Ostomy Day is celebrated every 3 years in the beginning of October and is sponsored by the International Ostomy Association (IOA), The aim of World Ostomy Day is to improve the rehabilitation of ostomates worldwide by bringing to the attention of the general public and the global community the needs and aspirations of ostomates. The idea of the World Ostomy Day was born in 1993 and its father is Professor Dr. Gerhard Englert who at that time was the President of IOA. Each WOD has a new motto. This year's motto is: Speaking Out Changes Lives. On this particular day, the regional ostomy assocations offer a number of different events. Click the links below to get more information about this particular day from the different associations: International Ostomy Association (IOA): European Ostomy Association (EOA): United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA): Asia and South Pacific Ostomy Association: (ASPOA) #ostomy #worldostomyday #ostomates #ostomyassociation #awarenessraising #rehabilitationofostomates #speakingoutchangeslives

1 October 2018

MEDICA 2018 is approaching - shall we meet? Make an appointment with our team of experienced medical garments and textile experts to discuss how we can help you develop your health care business. Stephen Doades ( and Jørn Ole Andreasen ( will be happy to meet you concerning medical garments for post-op care, ostomy care, wound care and hip protection. Frank Stærmose ( is available for meetings around Technical Textiles to be used for spacers for bandages/bracers, stockinettes/liners for prosthetic devices and cervical collars, sculpted circular knit sleeves/bandages, hospital underwear and flat-knit wound-care textiles intended for silicone applications. Let's meet and discuss how we can help you add value to your medical textile business. We look forward to seeing you! #textiles #design #business #postoperative #ostomy #hospitals #prosthetics #knitting #woundcare #hipprotection

20 September 2018

In an earlier post, we described the high impact an ostomy often has on a patient's life. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of an ostomy creation is hernia formation which is one of the main consequences of abdominal surgeries. Many of the concerns expressed by individuals with hernias are body image problems. The worries and fears include anxiety around how big the hernia will grow as well as uncertainty about the future in general. Some may also react with disgust and shock at the thought of having not only a stoma, but also a parastomal hernia, as this will be visible. Fortunately, there is much focus on how these concerns can be addressed. #design #surgery #bodyimage #hernia #abdominal

7 September 2018

Why is biomechanical testing of SAFEHIP® hip protectors important? We know for a fact that the shape of our Safehip horseshoe protector shields with the hole in the middle makes it challenging to explain and advocate for the advantage of this over the classic fully covering type of hip protector shields. In this context, it is important to know, how hip protectors attenuate force as this ability may prevent a hip fracture. We use biomechanical test to demonstrate this. The aim of the biomechanical tests is to prove exactly this – that by not covering the critical spot on the hip, the hip protector shield becomes more effective. Read this article to see how the efficiency of hip protectors are tested and how the different SAFEHIP® products managed the test. #hip #fracture #biomechanics

7 September 2018

Function is king, feminine appearance is queen. A post-op bra must support and enhance the surgical outcome, speed up the healing process and offer comfortable recovery after breast cancer surgery. And while the function of a post-op bra is crucial, the aesthetic look of the bra must not be overlooked, as this contributes to higher compliance and enhances the women’s feeling of “normality”. Better design increases compliance. We have this in mind, when we design our products for the Carefix post-op bra, so that our bras do not "only" fulfill the very important medical purpose, but also the woman's need for a both comfortable and nice-looking bra. Read full article hashtag#surgery hashtag#aesthetics hashtag#functionality hashtag#design

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