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7 November 2019

Focus on breast cancer surgery: Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery

Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery has emerged as a third and more aesthetic option between conventional/standard breast conserving surgery and mastectomy. Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery includes two fundamentally different approaches: Volume replacement and volume displacement. Read the detailed explanation of  these two new different approaches, also in comparison to conventional/standard breast conserving surgery.

1 October 2019

Video on the Implant Stabilizer Band

This new video on our Carefix Implant Stabilizer band demonstrates how the band is used and correctly positioned on top of breast implants to help secure they stay in place. The band is intended for use after breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

17 September 2019

Video on the Ava post-op bra

We are ready with the next post-op bra video in our series of Carefix videos, this time presenting the Ava post-op bra. In line with the other videos in this series, the Ava video demonstrates the features and benefits of the Ava bra and explains the medical advantages and benefits of our four generic product features: 4-way stretch, seamless knitting, targeted compression and fact-based sizing.

28 August 2019

Focus on breast cancer surgery: Oncoplastic surgery

Oncoplastic surgery represents the integration of plastic surgery techniques into breast cancer surgery to achieve aesthetic and cosmetic results, enhancing quality of life of the patients, without compromising control of disease. In this relatively new surgical specialty, the woman as an individual is treated, not just the cancer. With oncoplastic surgery, the cancer is removed and the cosmetic reconstruction is performed during the same procedure – which is a whole new approach to treating breast cancer.

14 June 2019

Video on the Sophia post-op bra

The Sophia post-op bra/surgical vest just joined the club of Carefix post-op videos! See the features and benefits of the Sophia bra and understand the medical advantages and benefits of our four generic product features: 4-way stretch, seamless knitting, targeted compression and fact-based sizing.

16 May 2019

Carefix post-op bra size guide on video

The right size post-op bra is extremely important to ensure both the best surgical result and optimum comfort during the recovery period. In this video we show you the 4 easy steps to measure yourself correctly and find the right size Carefix post-op bra.

25 April 2019

Surgical incision lines and the importance of seamless cups

There is a wide range of post-op bras available on the global market, however, it may be quite tricky to choose a bra that addresses both the clinical and the user requirements.Many clinical experts, including breast care nurses, consider seamless cups in the bra a very positive feature. When we develop the Carefix post-op bras, we take the location of the surgical incision lines into consideration to ensure that all our bras meet the above criteria. 

26 March 2019

New tool: Carefix Post-Op Bra Compendium

We are happy to launch our latest tool within our post-op bra concept, the Carefix Post-Op Bra Compendium. This tool is ideal to get a comprehensive explanation of all the important elements forming our concept, which is equally important to both our Private Label and our Tytex Brand partners.

19 February 2019

The Carefix Alice post-op bra on video

The video demonstrates the features and benefits of the Alice bra and also explains in more detail the medical advantages and benefits of our four generic product features: 4-way stretch, seamless knitting, targeted compression and fact-based sizing.

7 February 2019

The importance of compression and support zones in post-surgical bras

Post-surgical bras from Tytex are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones knitted into the products.

2 January 2019

The Carefix Mary post-op bra now on video

The video demonstrates the features and benefits of the Mary bra and also explains in more detail the medical advantages and benefits of our four generic product features: 4-way stretch, seamless knitting, targeted compression and fact-based sizing.

7 November 2018

10 good reasons to choose a Carefix post-op bra after breast surgery

As we know that the choice of post-surgery bra has a huge impact on both the final result of the surgery and the duration of the recovery period, we have summed up the 10 good reasons why a Carefix post-op bra is a better choice after breast surgery.

28 August 2018

Function is king, feminine appearance is queen

A post-op bra must support and enhance the surgical outcome, speed up the healing process and offer comfortable recovery after breast cancer surgery. And while the function of a post-op bra is crucial, the aesthetic look of the bra must not be overlooked, as this contributes to higher compliance and enhances the women’s feeling of “normality”.

4 June 2018

Post-op bra compression guide

There is a continuous and increasing demand for high performing post-surgical bras that support surgical outcome and reduce complications, whether based on cancer disease or on a cosmetic incentive. 

The Carefix® range of post-surgical bras meets every compression need

17 April 2018

Range extension: Carefix® post-op bras in tan

Acting on requests from the market, we have launched tan versions of the Mary, Alice and Bella bras  – all three bras ready for ordering. 

More bras in tan to come. We will keep you informed whenever we launch another of our bras in tan.

22 March 2018

Why is a 4-way stretchable cup better than a moulded cup in a post-op bra?

For medical reasons, a post-op bra made in 4-way stretch material is should be preferred over a post-op bra with moulded cups.


22 August 2019

Factors increasing risk of parastomal hernia formation

Having and living with a stoma is a major challenge for the people affected. The stoma is one thing, but then there is also the risk of developing a parastomal hernia, which adds even more challenges to the situation. We have made a list of these factors and although many of them cannot be avoided, being aware of them may help handling them.

11 June 2019

When to choose a Corsinel Belt or Tube

It's all about individuality when a user has to choose between an ostomy support belt or tube. There is no “golden rule” in the choice - it's entirely up to the user’s needs, challenges and preferences. Most importantly, it has the same great effect, whether the user wears a belt or a tube. 

5 February 2019

7 factors for determining the right height of the ostomy garment

Our range of Corsinel ostomy and hernia support garments comprises more heights in the maximum support underwear, belts and tubes, and we are often asked when to recommend what height. In this newsletter we give you our recommendations and 7 factors to consider when finding the right height for a user.

20 December 2018

Interview with a Stoma Care Nurse

In our effort to ensure that our ostomy support garments have superior performance, we work closely with stoma care nurses, as they are the professional clinicians distributing advice for many people with ostomies and potentially also hernias.

Recently, we made an interview with Danish Stoma Care Nurse, Ann-Mari Mynster.

19 September 2018

Hernia formation after abdominal surgery is a major concern

One of the main consequences of abdominal surgeries is the risk of subsequent hernia formation. According to the review article “Parastomal Hernia: A Growing Problem with New Solutions” from 2014 a hernia around or next to a stoma develops in up to 78% of patients and typically occurs within 2 years of ostomy creation. It may, however, develop as long as 20 or 30 years after surgery. This type of hernia is also known as a parastomal hernia, PSH, and is broadly defined as “an incisional hernia located at or immediately adjacent to a stoma”.

9 May 2018

How can the physical and psychological impact of a stoma be addressed?

A severe concern expressed by many ostomates is the change of body image. The worries and fears include odour, noise, leakage, visibility of an appliance and perceived attractiveness to others as well as the feeling of being different. Some patients may also react with disgust and shock when waking up with a stoma, especially in case of an emergency surgery.

Most of these concerns and impacts can be eased and some of them completely eliminated by the use of an ostomy belt.

8 February 2018

Systematic approach for parastomal hernia prevention and management secured in new clinical guidelines

The British Association of Stoma Care Nurses (ASCN) has recently settled evidence based clinical guidelines for parastomal hernia prevention and management (The British Journal of Nursing, December 2017)

25 August 2017

Introducing differentiated support levels in the Corsinel product range

With the latest addition of the Corsinel Regular line, we have completed our assortment of support garments within three different support levels.



10 October 2019

Identification of high risk patients for hip fractures

With the growing number of older and longer-living people, the number of hip fractures is likely to increase. It is hard to recover from a hip fracture and afterwards many people lose the ability to live on their own which is a threat to the independence and the quality of life of the older person. Therefore, it is important to identify the risk factors that mey lead to a fall, a hip fracture and a possible second fracture.

12 June 2019

Hip fractures drive up healthcare costs in a speedy pace

Next to the human costs, hip fractures put a heavy burden on health economy, as hospital expenditures, social care and rehabilitation drive up costs excessively. It is very important to be aware of these costs, as the awareness is key to investment and disinvestment decisions regarding new osteoporosis and hip fracture prevention interventions.

In many cases, if not all, the decisions are driven by profound cost-effectiveness analyses, in which the long-term expenditure of hip fractures plays a vital role.

10 April 2019

Hip fractures: What are the future projections?

In 1992, Cooper et al. reported that the global hip fracture incidence will increase dramatically from 1.26 million fractures to 6.26 million fractures by 2050. In 1997, Gullberg et al. supported the projected growth with global numbers up to 4.5 million by 2050.

It has been more than 20 years, since both Cooper et al. and Gullberg et al. published study results about global hip fracture projections. Does recent and current literature support the results from back then?

5 March 2019

New study: Could a minute of exercise a day prevent osteoporosis?

Many actions can be taken to preserve bone health and prevent low bone density. Amongst them are sufficient intake of Calcium, exposure to sun light and resistance and weight bearing exercise.

The contribution of physical activity to bone health is however poorly understood compared to other modifiable lifestyle risk factors such as diet, alcohol and smoking.

That is why a team of scientists and researchers at Exeter and Leicester University, Great Britain, has investigated the impact of physical activity on bone health and published the results last year.

1 October 2018

New falls prevention tool

The most common cause of injury in older adults is fall, which can create ongoing health problems. In a study, researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign, found that wearable devices with motion sensors can predict older participants’ risk of falling.

1 September 2018

Why is biomechanical testing of SAFEHIP® hip protectors important?

We know for a fact that the shape of our Safehip horseshoe protector shields with the hole in the middle makes it challenging to explain and advocate for the advantage of this over the classic fully covering type of hip protector shields. In this context, it is important to know, how hip protectors attenuate force as this ability may prevent a hip fracture. We use biomechanical test to demonstrate this. 

17 April 2018

MARKET STUDY: Successful outcome of fall prevention project in Danish community with significant decline in fall rate

The Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Danish Society for Patient Safety have initiated a project named “In safe hands”. The project has been running for five years and with much success.

19 January 2018

The new colourful world of SAFEHIP®

With the launch of the new SAFEHIP® AirX™ Discreet products, we have rethought and redone the entire look of the brand and would like to welcome you to a more colourful SAFEHIP®.

14 September 2017

How to prevent falls – how to reduce the consequences

Falls are the leading cause of injury related emergency department visits for older adults and the major cause of hip fractures. Every year, several thousands of people will suffer a hip fracture.

Technical Textiles

24 June 2019

Considering to upgrade from neoprene? We recommend AirX®!

The use of neoprene in medical devices like bandages, orthotics, prosthetics, sleeves and liners is widespread due to lucrative costs. However, it’s also a known fact that neoprene has some not so nice features, particularly around breathability and moisture building which has a negative impact on user comfort.

AirX spacer fabric presents a great and better alternative to neoprene.

28 February 2019

Stay competitive, be innovative with the Tytex Technical Solutions Concept

Since 2009,  the number of patents on medical devices have more than doubled. This suggests that companies realise that constant innovation and idea generation are crucial to become or stay innovative.

Is your company innovative and explorative enough to outcompete your competitors?


5 December 2017

Auf deutsch, bitte - German version of website launched!

t's been under way for quite some time now, but finally it's here - launched and live for the benefit of all our German-speaking stakeholders.

1 October 2018

New medical devices regulations

The new regulations will strengthen patient safety and ensure the availability of new devices, which will be of benefit to patients.For manufacturers (like Tytex) this means that they must meet stricter requirements as to the quality, performance and safety of medical devices placed on the market.

6 June 2018

GDPR - Your data is safe with us

In the light of the new EU regulation - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - that protects the privacy of EU citizens,  we recently updated our Privacy Policy to clarify how we protect your personal information in keeping within this regulation.

5 December 2017

Introducing pre-dyed yarns for improved colour result and environmental footprint

With the switch from piece dyed products to products made in pre-dyed yarns, Tytex proves that high quality products and care for the environment are compatible.


2 October 2017

New award for Cantaloop

Cantaloop wins bronze in this year's  Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards in the catogory "Clothing - Maternity/Nursing Lingerie" with the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt!

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