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16 November 2020

COVID-19: Carefix Barrier Masks passed CWA 17553 test

The reusable Carefix Barrier Masks have successfully passed the required tests defined in the new EU standard CWA 17553 for Community Face Coverings and AFNOR SPEC S76-001 with impressive results: Filtration ability and air permeability exceed requirements.

23 June 2020

Výzva na predkladanie ponúk / Invitation to tender

Výzva na predkladanie ponúk / Zadávateľ zákazky: Tytex Slovakia s.r.o.; / Názov zákazky: Inovatívne technológie-Tytex Slovakia s.r.o. (English version under news item)

11 May 2020

COVID-19: WHO announces that broader use of masks may limit spread of coronavirus

WHO announces that broader use of masks may limit spread of coronavirus. The World Health Organisation, WHO, opens the door to greater public use of homemade masks or other mouth coverings as a way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

3 April 2020

COVID-19: Barrier mask protects against hand-to-face contamination

When COVID-19 was classified as a pandemic, we decided to utilize our vast medical textile know-how to develop a barrier mask as a passive support for personal protection. The mask is now launched and ready for distribution.

13 March 2020

Tytex printing partner FSC certified

As an environmentally focussed and responsible company, we are delighted to inform you that our long-time printing partner, who produces the vast majority of our own and our customer’s packaging material, has become an FSC certified printing house.

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