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Medical textiles R&D solutions for your business

We are here to improve your business. Not complicate it. That is why we always take your business needs and situation into account, when we partner with you.

In developing medical textiles and hospital garments, there are no copy/paste solutions. But through countless succesful partnerships with businesses like yours, we have built two foundations that defines the most beneficial approach to our future work with you. 

Direct supportive R&D agreement. On a case-by-case basis we give you full sparring on the exact product development project/business issue you have. The subsequent product development process is handled by us.

With our Complete R&D solution, Tytex becomes your external R&D department, through an outsourcing agreement.
As your external R&D department we will set a fixed team of employees dedicated 100% to your business, who handles your R&D proactively by acting according to annual plans and strategies. 

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Our skilled and experienced R&D department is ready to help you. Let's explore your service needs together..

Vice President of HR, Q&E and R&D

Kim Remin Ankjær Tel. +45 4099 2008 E-mail:

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