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R&D: Your key to better results in medical textile manufacturing

Developing new products can be a tremendous challenge. How your company manufactures its goods plays a huge role in staying competitive and innovative. Not to mention, evolving can be a time consuming, resource demanding and costly discipline - especially if your organisation is not 100% geared for the task.

But the road to successful product development does not have to be bumpy. With Tytex you will discover an expertly lead product development process that will ultimately contribute to boosting your business, growing your sales and even reducing costs. Let us help you develop and manufacture your next medical textile solution.

Improved production speed and costs for healthcare garments

We want you to get the full advantage of our complete R&D setup.

When you partner with Tytex, every step from idea to implementation is closely followed and documented through our “Development Process The Tytex Way”. By taking you through this process, we help you get the product right the first time and within agreed time, saving you time and resources. Through our close monitoring, it also ensures a high level of quality throughout the development process.

Fast prototyping

Our set-up allows us to fast-pace development, of prototypes of any type of healthcare garment. All products are tested at Tytex’s own facilities or at independant external laboratories. This results in your strategic advantage through faster prototyping, which again means shorter time-to-market.

Brand know-how

Our R&D department is highly experienced in both Tytex brand and private label healthcare garment development and manufacturing. Having our own brands is an advantage to you as well; we know all the routines and challenges that can arrise in product development. This means we can help you plan more efficiently, and we know the value chain of a branded product by heart.

We are here to help!

Don't waste valuable time - contact one of our product/project managers today and let us hear all about your next product development project.

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Your benefits

  • Shorter time to market, through faster development and prototyping.
  • Development process expertise
  • Many years of know-how and highly experienced people
  • Access to advanced programme of materials and models
  • Support & advice in the entire development process
  • More internal resources, by outsourcing your R&D to Tytex (without giving up sovereignty)
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