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Market consultancy - close to the users

Ever since we started out, we have worked closely with healthcare professionals and built up a close relation to the markets we operate in. The same goes for the end-users in these markets. 

We have it as our guiding principle to constantly be closer to our customers' customers, and continuously listen to their needs. 

The Tytex network of experts

How do we manage to do this? We have built up a network of professionals and market experts at all business levels, which gives us access to both medical and healthcare staff and  end-users of our products. The collaboration with and feedback from this network ensures that we are on top of market trends and developments. This in turn allows us to act as your consultant in in almost every product aspect and market.

Our knowledge. Your tools. Everyones' benefit.

A concrete example of how we convert knowledge into value-adding tools for our partners is our patient, value and supply chain pathways. We have compiled a  comprehensive survey of every single step a patient goes through in the course of a disease. We have also mapped the associated touch points of supply and purchase. Put together, we have made it possible to identify the exact challenges which both the patient and the care system faces, Thus we can not only plan accordingly - we can plan proactively.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how we work with market knowledge and end-users, contact our Medical Product Manager & Nurse for information

Medical Project Manager

Rasmus Borgstrøm Henriksen
Tel. +45 4099 2005 E-mail:

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