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Consultancy for healthcare garments

We possess comprehensive and updated medical knowledge of our products. Our consultancy team includes an in-house medical expert, to make sure we never compromise on the products we help you with. 

The close cooperation with health care professionals like doctors, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc. has allowed us to build an extensive bank of clinical data. This means that our  consultancy for anything within medical and healthcare garments is always based on expert knowledge. 

Healthcare knowledge is power to you

Our medical expert and other medical and healthcare consultancy staff is in direct contact with a number of healthcare professionals on a regular basis. Knowledge is continuously shared internationally with sales representatives. This means that both experts and sales representatives offer medical training to your company, either at your offices or at Tytex's facilities.

Rasmus Borgstrøm Henriksen, Medical Project Manager

We know that medical training is crucial to ensure that your sales staff always possesses extensive knowledge around the product they sell, and your sales force is always fully prepared for a medical conversation with health care professionals and your customers.
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