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Denise Staley
from USA

My name is Denise. I have breast cancer. Tytex has made my post surgical life more bearable.

17. December 2019 READ MORE

from Sweden

I'm now wearing a white Sophia compression bra after my single-sided mastectomy. I am so grateful and don't know how to thank you! It is surprisingly soft and comfortable, - I feel like a normal person with a sports bra on.

15. May 2019 READ MORE

Charlotte Hansen
from Denmark

It is very easy to apply the StomaSafe Plus belt and it fits very well around the stoma.. It gives a good sense of security that the pouch doesn’t just “pop out” underneath one’s clothes

18. September 2018 READ MORE

Hans Lauridsen
from Denmark

I use the Corsinel Belt all day long. It helps me manage the hernia, so that I feel more comfortable, meaning that I gain more self-worth and self-respect so to say.

18. September 2018 READ MORE

Mogens Egholm
from Denmark

Without the Corsinel Tube I feel that I have a distended stomach. The tube holds the hernia in place and makes it less visible.

18. September 2018 READ MORE

Merete Christensen
54 years old, from Norway

I’ve used the Stomasafe Classic belt since 2009/2010 and I simply cannot imagine everyday life without it.

1. May 2018 READ MORE

Morten Axelgaard Christiansen
42 years old, from Danmark

I find the StomaSafe Plus belt very comfortable to wear. The material is very soft and the belt provides good support without putting too much pressure on the pouch

1. May 2018 READ MORE

Henrik Søgaard
from Danmark
R&D Manager, Ohmatex

Tytex has a very professional approach to problem solving and always enters projects very dedicatedly, which is why we have always enjoyed our cooperation.

26. April 2018 READ MORE

Lene Romer Halby
from Denmark

I wear StomaSafe Plus every day and I really mean every day. I wear it for several reasons: It supports my ostomy bag, minimizes the risk of leakage - and should a leakage happen, it protects my clothes.

24. April 2018 READ MORE

Ulla Ostenfeld
from Denmark
Nurse, Stotec Danmark ApS

Since 2014 Stotec has been a distributor of Tytex compression garments (Corsinel) in Denmark, and from the very start we have been very pleased with the cooperation with Tytex

24. April 2018 READ MORE

Henrik Ipsen
from Denmark
Nurse at the Aros Private Hospital

At the Aros Private Hospital we conduct many different types of surgeries on different types of patients. We have tried the Ava bra for post-op use and the bra has proven to be able to cover most types.

10. April 2018 READ MORE

Ton Mulder
from Holland
Marketing Director, Allwecare

At Allwecare we have the slogan: "With passion for special medical devices." We want to represent special, unique products with extra value to help improve the lives of people in the Dutch market and to provide them better quality of life.

19. March 2018 READ MORE

Brian Clausen
44 years old, from Denmark

When I had my ostomy (Colostomy) back in 2013 following intestinal cancer surgery, I worried a lot about how to get a normal life again.

24. January 2018 READ MORE

Morten Spaabæk Dippel
48 years old, from Denmark

When I use StomaSafe the ostomy pouch is kept in place without any danger of it moving around while I am active.

22. January 2018 READ MORE

Stuart McLean
88 years old, from Australia

The Corsinel Belt W/Panel comes with very easy, explicit instructions for the cutting of the opening for the bag to protrude, which is a wonderful idea.

21. January 2018 READ MORE

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